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truelark for Beauty & Wellness

Never miss a call, text, chat, or lead submission at your salon or spa

Respond instantly, book the right services, upsell, and provide 24/7 support. We solve the missed call problem once and for all.

Increase revenue by booking more appointments

You can’t afford to miss a phone call or an incoming lead. This is a missed opportunity. However, it’s impossible for you and your team to be available 24/7. TrueLark’s powerful AI solution follows up on missed calls and incoming leads immediately – booking appointments and suggesting upsells to ensure you’re always maximizing revenue.

Improve retention by providing 24/7 customer service

Customer experience is vital to your business. When your clients have a question and you aren’t available to answer, this can create frustration and, worst case, cause them to go somewhere else. Delight your customers by providing excellent, around the clock service with TrueLark.

Our success stories

Beauty & Wellness


bookings per month


conversation handle rate


booking request conversion

“If it’s hard to book or if it sounds like a robot that you’re interacting with, it’s not going to go well. That’s not our voice. If you want your company to seem really smart, TrueLark does it for you.”

Beauty & Wellness


Conversations Handled Per Month




Enrollment Request Conversions

StretchSPOT appreciates the seamless communication and efficient booking experience TrueLark provides. With satisfied clients, easy management, and a user-friendly interface, TrueLark has become an integral part of StretchSPOT’s operations.



conversations handled per month


hours saved


revenue booked

“As an organization, we like to try out new technology. TrueLark has made it to the list. It’s squarely out of pilot, it’s demonstrated its value, and we will add each location as the time is right.”

Lower staffing costs and call center spend by maximizing automation

Maximize efficiency in your business by automating what you can, and hiring for what you can’t. TrueLark cannot only book appointments directly in your booking platform, it can also answer frequent questions, like where should I park, and what time do you close. This frees up your staff to do what they do best, providing excellent, personalized service to your guests.

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Discover how Restore Hyper Wellness and Cryotherapy achieved amazing ROI and delights customers with TrueLark.

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