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Never miss a call, text, chat, or lead submission


Automate sales, scheduling and member communications



AI-led Scheduling

Intelligent technology with human-led conversations

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The communication metrics you need to grow your business.

Marketing Automation

Reduce redundant tasks that take you away from what matters most.

Omni Channel Customer Service

Manage communications across multiple channels

Multi-Location Support

Grow your customer base with automated marketing tools



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Multi-location support

Grow Your Customer Base

Automated marketing tools automatically follow up with clients immediately via text after they submit a form or response to marketing message— giving you the comfort of knowing that warm leads never go cold again.

Ensure your clients get the right location info

Handle communication for all your locations

Know how your locations are performing

Reduce call center costs

Customize each location to your needs

Seamless brand experience

Multi-location booking
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With TrueLark customers on average see


additional revenue booked 




calls handled fully

Location Routing

Ensure your clients get the right location info

TrueLark will ask which location your clients are seeking to visit and remember their preferences moving forward. Ensuring that your clients get the local information they need and the best experience possible.. 

Multi-service guest appointment booking
Corporate Web Chat

Handle communication for all your locations

Do you need a solution that seamlessly brings together all of your locations? Corporate Web Chat handles communications for all locations, while giving the corporate office ultimate control over the messaging and customer experience. Let TrueLark handle website visitors’ questions, from booking requests to business hours.

Multi-location Analytics

Know how your locations are performing

Allows you to filter when booking classes or appointments via TrueLark. Book before or after a specific time, block bookings for an entire day, book services at preferred time slots, etc.

AI led Custom Booking Rules
Call center employees
TrueLark by Vidurama Call Center Integration

Reduce call center costs

Often businesses find that TrueLark by Vidurama AI-driven SaaS technology can replace their call center completely, but if you prefer to keep the call center as a backup, TrueLark integrates seamlessly by either fielding all inquiries and passing unhandled ones to the call center or by allowing callers to choose their preferred method. Both options reduce call center costs dramatically.

Location Specific Customization

Customize each location to your needs

Different pricing in different locations? Some locations offer a particular service, but the others do not? No problem! TrueLark offers location-specific customization so clients get accurate information for their specific location every time.

AI led Custom Booking Rules
Global Brand Preferences
Global Brand Preferences

Seamless brand experience

TrueLark understands how important your brand and customer experience is to your business. Whether you have 3 or 300 locations, it’s easy to set up brand preferences to be used by all of your locations. Customize business information, how appointments should be scheduled, reschedule and cancellation policies, voicemail greetings, and more to ensure your customers will have a seamless experience, no matter what channel they engage with.

Our success stories

Beauty & Wellness


Conversations Handled Per Month




Enrollment Request Conversions

StretchSPOT appreciates the seamless communication and efficient booking experience TrueLark provides. With satisfied clients, easy management, and a user-friendly interface, TrueLark has become an integral part of StretchSPOT’s operations.

Beauty & Wellness


increase in revenue in 9 month


in savings per month


handled inquires in 6 months

“TrueLark is an extremely efficient assistant – improving client happiness, increasing revenues and decreasing therapist workloads.  While the assistant might be artificial intelligence, there’s nothing artificial about the positive impact on our business.”

Beauty & Wellness


increase in revenue/month


new incremental revenue



“Customer experience is everything and we simply will not compromise it. TrueLark has been so popular that several of our customers now bypass calling us all together and simply text us to schedule their appointments.”

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