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Our Story

Let's democratize AI together

We are looking to partner with new platforms and solution providers that have a presence in the beauty and wellness, and the dental industries. Let’s come together and do more for our customers.

Why Partner with TrueLark?

TrueLark integrates with a range of popular front-office technology applications, from booking platforms and point-of-sale systems to phone, messaging and texting solutions. We recognize that every software solution is unique and that it takes incredible amounts of talent, time and effort to build. Rather than reinvent the wheel, we are focused on providing the most effective business assistance through the power of artificial intelligence.

Maximize the value of your customer base

Value with no extra effort. Give your customers the tools they want with your software at the heart of it all.

Give your sales team a competitive advantage

SaaS companies with API-connected add-ons, on average saw a 20-day decrease in the sales cycle.

Retain your customers

On average, by offering software integrations SaaS companies see a 60% reduction in customer churn and 20-30% increase in utilization.

Leverage the largest repository of guest conversations

Give your customers the benefit of the most experienced AI assistant in the industry, based on millions of conversations in the domain.

Integrate with our new API

Build rich, deeply integrated experiences within your web and mobile applications. Enable performance reports and calls-to-action recommendations from TrueLark, directly inside the world your customers are already living inside of. We strive to inspire developers and to create new opportunities to improve existing software. Our API, your software, together we can change how consumers and businesses communicate.

Marketing agencies

Your customers spend a lot on marketing. Whether the CTA is to place a call or collect leads, TrueLark helps ensure prompt engagement and consistent lead conversion with its Automated Receptionist and Lead Engage solutions. 

We partner with:

Channel Partners

Do you have a passion for sharing impactful technology with the wellness, fitness, beauty and dental industry? Let’s come together and do more. Launch a co-branded partnership with us. Real change and disruption cannot be done alone. We are looking for partners to tackle this journey with us.

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