TrueLark for fitness

24/7 client engagement doesn’t need to be a workout

Automate sales, scheduling and member communications for single- or multi-location businesses. Solve your missed call problem without hiring additional staff.

The ultimate partner for gyms and fitness studios

Our solution provides 20:1 ROI and allows you to follow-up with every lead, simplify class sign-ups and launch personalized promotions. Integrates with appointment, payment and gym management software so your clients can book classes, sign up for memberships and see your latest promotions on their mobile device.

A superior client experience is a catalyst for growth

  • Reach your target clients with hyper-personalized texts based on fitness goals, location or proximity
  • Capture and respond to every call, text, web chat or social DM around the clock
  • Fill every class, sell more memberships and keep your business top of mind
  • Launch SMS campaigns on the fly to capitalize on opportunities and adapt to changing business conditions

Our success stories



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“We were skeptical at first that a solution like TrueLark could handle routine client issues with care, but we have been blown away with the support it has provided our team and how easy the implementation process has been.”

Customer engagement innovation for the modern fitness business

TrueLark is revolutionizing the way both single- and multi- location fitness businesses connect with their members – freeing up time for what really matters: helping people get fit. Plus, we support our AI with a team of personal trainers, continually making it stronger and smarter.

Sell More Memberships

Follow-up immediately and automatically with Facebook, Instagram and other online leads

AI-Led Customer Service

Automate class sign-ups, appointment scheduling and answering customer inquiries.

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