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Add an AI Booking System to Your Booking Platform

July 11, 2023

Running a salon or spa is both rewarding and challenging. It takes the right mix of services, products, and team members to succeed. Finding your market niche and recruiting, and retaining customers is essential. Efficiency also plays a part. The average salon makes a profit margin of around 8% to 9%. While that may not seem like a lot, it is a bit higher than the profit margin for the average business, which is about 7%.

So, what does it take to get more revenue and increase your profit margin? Two things should be at the top of any business owner’s list. 1.Finding more customers and, 2. Operating more efficiently. TrueLark can help you meet these goals.

The Perfect Add-On to Your Online Booking Software 

TrueLark is an artificial intelligence (AI)-led customer communication platform. It helps salons and spas attract and support customers and prospects. It also upsells services on multiple channels. Add TrueLark to your appointment scheduling software. You’ll never miss another call, text, chat, or lead submission.

Book More Appointments

Regardless of staff size, your team cannot handle every call. Especially those that come in before or after business hours. TrueLark AI booking system works around the clock to book appointments and answer questions.

Any missed call or incoming lead gets immediate follow-up so you can convert them into customers. The foundation of an outstanding customer experience is a quick and engaging response. When it comes to speed, engaging with clients in real time is the ultimate goal. With TrueLark, you can do that for less than the cost of hiring another front desk employee. With less-powerful AI messaging, efficiency can come at the expense of customer service. Not so with TrueLark. Its robust features improve customer service as it drives impressive levels of automation. 

With TrueLark’s Communications Platform, you can: 

  • Convert phone calls, voicemails, and website visitors into booked appointments

  • Instantly engage new leads and schedule visits automatically

  • Provide answers to questions such as directions, hours, services, and pricing

  • Give clients self-service access to your payment processing system

  • Provide personalized recommendations that increase customer satisfaction and upsells

Our advanced technology works across various channels. This includes web chat, text, phone, and social media. Customers can also update or rebook appointment times automatically.

Improve Client Retention

Improving client retention is a key to sustainable growth for a beauty salon. If you keep 70% of your customers, you still need to replace the other 30% just to break even. Your automated communication software plays an essential role in improving customer retention.

TrueLark makes it easy for you to stay in touch with customers and book appointments instantly. You can:

  • Engage clients and get repeat business with automated campaigns and a seamless experience

  • Deliver specials, offers, and appointment reminders to clients who have opted-in

  • Provide 24/7 personalized service to customers

Reduce Staffing Costs, Free Up Staff Time

Adding an AI booking system to your online booking software gives you a broader, more robust set of tools. It handle calls, text, web chats, and inquiries. The virtual front desk assistant can automate up to 90% of conversations. We define “automation,” as needing no human intervention.

When customers book appointments through text, it opens up a world of possibilities.

Most importantly, your team can focus on serving customers and meeting business goals. TrueLark can also optimize your schedule. It does this by prompting clients to make online appointments at time slots near others. This minimizes large time gaps and helps with employee scheduling. 

  • Reduce the burden on your staff

  • Completely handle an average of 82% of calls

  • Back up your front desk during peak times and after hours

Communicate with Customers and Prospects Across Multiple Locations

If you manage multiple locations, TrueLark includes accurate location routing. The AI appointment scheduling software asks clients which site they want to visit. Then it provides accurate, location-specific information about services and pricing. Plus, it “remembers” preferences and routes them to the correct location. For upcoming appointments, the AI will prompt them with their preferred location.

With the TrueLark AI booking system you get:

  • A consistent, seamless brand and user experience with every contact

  • Customizable pricing, products, and services by location

  • Multi-location analytics that let you know how all your locations are performing

Reporting and Insights

Reports and insights give you a deeper understanding of how customers are engaging with your salon or spa appointment booking process. With real time data, you can make better business decisions.

TrueLark reporting and analytics provide:

  • Transcripts of customer and prospect conversations from multiple channels in a centralized platform

  • Instant notifications when an inquiry cannot be handled fully by the automation or when clients request a callback

  • A business dashboard that shows conversations and booking, scheduling, and revenue from appointments

Our AI Booking System Integrates with Your Salon Management Software

TrueLark AI booking system integrates with most popular salon and spa booking software and management systems. This includes MyTime, Boulevard, MindBody, and Booker. It also syncs with marketing automation software, including HubSpot, Zapier, Gravity, and InstaPage.

An integrated appointment scheduling process and calendar integration generates more revenue. 

How can TrueLark can transform your business? Book a demo today.


Originally published June 27, 2022. Updated July 12, 2023.


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