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Our Story

Our mission is to democratize AI for every business

Our moment of insanity was when we realized we could reinvent how people live, work and play. We’ve spent the past several years designing one of the most advanced artificial intelligence “brains” there is. But here’s the difference—we’ve made it inexpensive and extremely simple.

We are giving people the gift of time

The core of our product was conceived while walking the streets of San Francisco, talking to local businesses to learn about their workflow, what keeps them awake at night and what frustrates their customers. They became our “experts”—and we’ve been talking to them ever since, to ensure that our product is doing what it needs to do and can adapt to business challenges as they materialize.

Instead of building a Swiss army knife, we focus on one thing and one thing only— AI for every business, not just large corporations. Our AI doesn’t predict the weather, order your groceries or answer trivia. But simple, repetitive business tasks—like booking appointments, answering product questions, and remembering details about each and every customer—that’s where we are exceptional.

We are giving people the gift of time. More time to work, play or do whatever matters most.


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booked every day


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We understand your business

We’re a team that understands what it is like to be small business owners and franchisees in the fitness, beauty, and wellness market. We’ve experienced the frustration, joy, and never-ending task list that comes with the role. We know the struggles and celebrations. We want to create tools to deliver more celebrations.

We know true AI

Our team has years of experience in building, researching, and delivering intelligent systems. Some of the most seasoned minds in the industry deeply ingrained in the SaaS and AI world. We want to show the masses the true power of AI.

Our Leadership

Srivatsan Laxman


Srivatsan is an expert in the field of artificial intelligence, information retrieval and data privacy.

Supriya Rao


Supriya has more than 15 years of experience building intelligent systems and she’s a problem-solver to the core.

Tapan Patel


Tapan leads the effort of gathering and synthesizing feedback from several market verticals and translating this into meaningful products.

Eric Weeden

Head of Sales

Eric brings 20+ years of leadership experience to the team, focusing on building sales, marketing, and implementation strategies that drive business growth and retention.

Rajan Raghavan


Rajan was the first investor and remains deeply involved in the company’s operations and strategy today.

We are looking for visionaries and idealists

Palo Alto is where the tech revolution began. It is the place where all of the rule-benders and breakers found garages where they could spread their insane ideas. On the other side of the globe is Bangalore, one of the most vibrant tech communities in the world. Those are the places where you’ll find us.

Our company is growing fast—really fast. If you’re a relentless go-getter, this might be the place for you.


Palo Alto, CA

2100 Geng Road, Suite 210

Palo Alto, CA 94303

Bangalore, India

Prestige Central , 36 Infantry Rd

Bangalore, Karnataka 560001

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