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truelark for dental practices

Modernize scheduling and patient support at your DSO or dental practice

Book more appointments and improve patient retention with real-time, online scheduling and 24/7 patient support using our patented generative AI. In addition, automate call follow-up to finally solve the missed calls problem for your DSO or multi-location practice.

No patient left behind: capture all calls 24/7

Happy patients are vital to your dental business, whether it’s a solo practice, multi-practice group or Dental Support Organization. When patients have a question and you aren’t available, this can create frustration and, worst case, cause them to go somewhere else. Our user-friendly generative AI conversation tool books appointments and answers questions, any time of the day via SMS and web chat. Delight your patients by providing excellent, around-the-clock service with TrueLark. 

Online booking example

Drive more revenue by booking more appointments

Did you know that most patients prefer to book online, but only 26% of practices and DSOs offer it? Give patients the option to book at any hour with our online booking feature. For the patients that do prefer to call, if it’s after hours or the front desk is too busy to answer, TrueLark responds via text immediately and is able to book one or multiple appointments quickly, maximizing revenue for your practice.

“With TrueLark, it takes about a minute for a patient to schedule. It’s our complete call handling solution and pays for itself if just one new patient shows up.” -Myles McAllister, COO, SGA Dental Partners

Automate front desk communication

Superpower your DSO front desk or contact center with the power of generative AI. Taking calls and scheduling patients takes up a lot of your staff’s time. TrueLark not only books appointments directly into your PMS or booking platform, it can reschedule appointments and answer questions. Now your front desk will have more time to focus on your patients inside your practice and you can scale with fewer call center agents.

Our success stories



Conversations per month


Booking request conversion


Additional revenue per month

“During the first few months, the platform captured one to two new patient appointments per day. And as patients got used to the system, it began yielding three to four new appointments daily, with occasional peaks of five.”



Conversation handle rate


Annual increase in EBITDA (est.)


Conversations per month per location

“With TrueLark, there is a missed appointment rate less than 30%. With online scheduling, the missed appointment rate is between 30% and 40%. Anything less than 30% is a game changer.”



conversations handled per month


hours saved


revenue booked

“As an organization, we like to try out new technology. TrueLark has made it to the list. It’s squarely out of pilot, it’s demonstrated its value, and we will add each location as the time is right.”



Avg # New Patients Per Month


Avg # Monthly New Patient Revenue


Avg # of Patients Assisted

“Since we implemented TrueLark, we have acquired around 88 new patients each month.  This has generated $57,200 in additional monthly revenue. TrueLark can completely  handle 75 to 80% of patient inquiries entirely on its own. In fact, it is so intelligent that  patients think they are interacting with a person!”



new patients booked per month


additional production per month


patients received immediate assistance per month

“With TrueLark, it’s almost like we have an extra person, without the additional overhead. TrueLark’s convenient text and email notifications make it easy to follow-up with patients and access voicemails on the go, without having to find my login or navigate multiple menus.”

Simplify Scheduling with Online Booking

Most patients prefer the convenience of booking appointments online, but only 26% of practices and DSOs offer it. Improve efficiency and patient satisfaction at the same time!

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Free eBook: AI led Customer Service

In this eBook you will learn what generative AI is and how dental practices and DSOs use it to increase revenue and improve the patient experience.

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Dental Industry's Digital Transformation

Dental practices and Dental Service Organizations (DSOs) that switch to digital see an increase in booked appointments and fewer no-shows. 

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