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Our Story


West Davis Dental and Lovers Smile Improve Patient Communication with Automated Scheduling

Business Name:

West Davis Dental and Lovers Smile




50+ employees



Business Name:

West Davis Dental and Lovers Smile



50+ employees



man scheduling dental appointment on smartphone

West Davis Dental is located in Dallas, TX. It has been in business for 30 years, employs over 50 people, and is one of the busiest dental practices in the metroplex and possibly all of Texas. Lovers Smile, West Davis Dental’s “sister”  company, is also located in Dallas and opened in March 2019.


Avg # New Patients Per Month


Avg # Monthly New Patient Revenue


Avg # of Patients Assisted

The Problem

Both practices follow the same patient-driven philosophy. The staff’s goal is to answer all phone calls during work hours and never let calls roll over to voicemail. This is challenging, particularly for the West Davis office because it is so busy.

Both practices were using voicemail for after-hours calls and Local Med for online scheduling. Management did not want to use an answering service because the front desk staff is trained to handle patient calls a certain way. They knew they could not guarantee calls would be handled in the same manner by an answering service.

The management team was also uncomfortable with any solution that required patients to answer questions about insurance and provide other sensitive information up front. Their goal was to eliminate roadblocks and create a positive patient experience, and they felt that asking people for a lot of personal information made a negative impression.

Hygiene coordinators and the front office staff at both practices handle and manage appointments. So, the solution needed to be easy to implement as well as easy to learn.

Since research showed that more than 75% of patients want the option to schedule, cancel, and rebook appointments on-demand, Elisha Enoksen, Operations Manager for both practices, evaluated patient communication solutions that would enable both  practices to offer automated scheduling. She knew that allowing patients to schedule  and reschedule appointments themselves would lessen the workload for the staff at both practices and provide patients with a service they wanted.

The Solution

While attending the No Limits Conference, Enoksen heard about TrueLark from  representatives of other practices West Davis Dental and Lovers Smile know and trust. She and her staff scheduled a demo, and once they tried TrueLark, found that it was perfect for their needs.

TrueLark’s powerful artificial intelligence (AI) engine enables real-time automated scheduling and patient communication 24/7. Many patients prefer text messaging and do not even leave a voice message for the front desk staff, making it difficult for the staff to call them back. With TrueLark, patients can now schedule or  reschedule appointments and get immediate answers to most of their questions  without having to wait for a call back from a staff member.


According to Enoksen, TrueLark has greatly simplified patient communication at both practices, which has helped improve patient experience and generate new business. It has also reduced the amount of time the staff spends on routine tasks.

“Since we implemented TrueLark, we have acquired around 88 new patients each month. This has generated $57,200 in additional monthly revenue. TrueLark can completely handle 75% to 80% of patient inquiries entirely on its own. In fact, it is so intelligent that  patients think they are interacting with a person!”