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Our Story


Hectic Hustle to Booking Magic: TrueLark Powers Growth at Renaissance Curls

Business Name:

Renaissance Curls


Beauty & Wellness


7 employees



Business Name:

Renaissance Curls

Beauty & Wellness


7 employees




Renaissance Curls is a haven for those with curly and coily hair. Owner Weena Jerome-Alexandre founded the salon in Montreal in 2011 and relocated to New York City in 2017. The salon’s mission extends beyond styling, cutting, and coloring to empowering guests with the knowledge and tools to care for their natural hair. This dedication to healthy, beautiful hair transcends the salon experience, equipping clients to maintain their gorgeous coils at home.


Average new clients/month


Conversation handle rate


Additional revenue/month

Challenge: Managing phone calls and bookings without interrupting in-person services

Prior to TrueLark, Weena juggled Vagaro for online booking and Google Voice for communication. However, constant phone calls disrupted her team (shown above), impacting the client experience and work environment. Weena explained “I wanted to find a solution that could respond to questions without having to stop what we were doing.”

Solution: TrueLark AI Communications + Booking

In early 2023, Weena’s search led her to TrueLark. Impressed by the platform’s ability to handle client communication and booking via SMS, she saw an opportunity to free up stylists. The initial demo showcased how TrueLark could run in the background, continuously engaging callers. This would allow her team to focus on in-person services without neglecting new inquiries. Furthermore, TrueLark doesn’t just engage in a dialogue, it discerns intent and helps the caller accomplish the goal of the call.

Weena, always prioritizing client experience, approved of the user-friendly interface for both clients and providers. The onboarding process further solidified her decision. The TrueLark team customized the software to align with Renaissance Curls’ services, providers, and booking procedures. She also appreciated the ability to personalize the SMS communication flow, ensuring a seamless and informative experience. Recognizing the dynamic needs of her business, Weena relies on the platform’s flexibility, which allows her to update the booking flow and other functionalities whenever needed. This agility ensures Renaissance Curls can continue to deliver a top notch guest experience as they grow and evolve.

The Results

Since implementing TrueLark, Renaissance Curls has experienced benefits on many fronts:

  • Increased New Clients (30/month): TrueLark’s 24/7 availability attracts new clients seeking convenient booking and prompt answers to questions.
  • High Conversation Handle Rate (78%): TrueLark effectively resolves most client inquiries, reducing the burden on stylists.
  • Additional Revenue Generated through TrueLark: $2,400/month – without increased time and effort.
  • Positive Feedback: Guests rave about the ease and convenience of TrueLark’s booking system.

Improved guest experience

Weena explained how TrueLark has helped her team improve the guest experience, “With TrueLark, clients can have undivided attention whether they’re in the salon or outside the salon, and for the clients that are not in the salon, TrueLark really helps with that.”

Renaissance Curls’ experience with TrueLark demonstrates how TrueLark empowers salons to streamline communication, optimize booking, and provide a client experience on par with the owner’s vision and high standards.

If you are seeking an AI-powered communications solution for your salon, book a demo today.