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Our Story


TrueLark Lead Engage Fuels AdCloud's Success for Beauty & Wellness Franchises

Business Name:



Beauty & Wellness


14 employees


73 clients on Lead Engage

Business Name:


Beauty & Wellness


14 employees


73 clients on Lead Engage

AdCloud TrueLark case study

TrueLark’s Lead Engage has empowered beauty/wellness franchise marketing agency AdCloud to achieve impressive results in terms of lead conversion, client satisfaction, and overall business growth.


Clients using Lead Engage


Lead conversion rate

1-2 days

Time to onboard Lead Engage

For this customer story, we talked to Marcus Slater, the CEO of AdCloud, a Nashville-based marketing agency with over a decade experience serving franchises in the beauty, wellness, and fitness industries. Mr. Slater is no stranger to innovative solutions, having previously served as the Chief Technology Officer for DekaLash, where he implemented TrueLark’s Lead Engage platform from 2019-2022. This experience sparked a belief in the power of AI-driven lead conversion, leading him to partner with TrueLark again in late 2022 for his own agency. While AdCloud was already achieving impressive results, Lead Engage has helped the agency take their success to the next level, significantly boosting lead conversion and solidifying their position as a top choice for franchise marketing.

The Challenge: Missed opportunities and inefficient lead management

Converting digital leads to paying customers is a challenge across the beauty/wellness franchise industry. Mr. Slater explained, “Many clients come to us in dire need after unsuccessful experiences with other agencies or DIY attempts. Some even had used agencies without basic automation, leaving the follow-up entirely to the franchise owner.” This scenario is all too common, where franchises struggle to efficiently manage and convert leads due to resource constraints. Manual follow-up often takes a back seat, leaving valuable leads slipping through the cracks.

The Solution: TrueLark Lead Engage

Understanding that first impressions are everything in client acquisition, AdCloud turned to TrueLark Lead Engage, an AI-powered SMS engagement solution. Recognizing the importance of immediate response and convenient service, they knew Lead Engage offered the perfect platform to seamlessly connect with leads the moment they filled out a form. Rather than leaving them waiting for follow-up calls or emails, Lead Engage instantly engages leads via text message, offering immediate service and booking capabilities. This personalized, real-time communication creates a positive first impression, setting the stage for trust and nurturing leads further down the conversion funnel.

Mr. Slater’s prior experience with Lead Engage at DekaLash solidified his belief in its power. Witnessing its impact firsthand, he made the strategic decision to build AdCloud’s service platform around it, positioning Lead Engage as a pivotal driver in their growth strategy. This commitment to a solution that prioritizes immediate, personalized communication underscores AdCloud’s forward-thinking approach and their dedication to delivering an exceptional client experience from the very first touchpoint.

How does Lead Engage work?

AdCloud uses Lead Engage in tandem with personalized lead nurturing experiences for their clients. Upon form submission, Lead Engage sends an instant text message, offering them the chance to claim the offer and book an appointment in the SMS. If a booking occurs, the system automatically syncs with the client’s point-of-sale and triggers a pre-appointment reminder sequence tailored to their brand. However, if the lead doesn’t book or respond initially, Lead Engage follows up with two additional text messages encouraging them to schedule. Finally, for those who haven’t converted within three days, a customized nurture sequence kicks in, delivering a series of emails and texts over the following 27 days in strategic intervals. It’s important to note that AdCloud can adjust these workflows based on the specific needs of the business.


TrueLark AdCloud lead management workflow


The Results

Conversion rates increased

Prior to using AdCloud, many clients struggled to achieve a conversion rate over 5%. Lead Engage increased that rate tenfold in many instances, representing a significant boost in booked appointments and revenue. “Every brand is different, but we’re converting somewhere between 30% and 55% depending on the business locations and we’re extremely happy with that. We’ve turned away clients that don’t integrate into a system with TrueLark because we can’t duplicate the results,” Mr. Slater shared, emphasizing the transformative impact of Lead Engage on their success.

Mr. Slater said the majority of the converted leads book on the first SMS, with 8%-14% booking on the second or third texts.

“One of our clients had been spending $500 a month on lead generation and had generated 20 leads but hadn’t converted one. In the first month, we generated 160 leads for them and converted 38. Consequently, this was a big leap – they nearly tripled their revenue in that month alone versus the previous month.”

Client satisfaction soared

Mr. Slater explained, “Since adopting TrueLark, we have had a lot more referrals and people reaching out to us via word-of-mouth. This is simply because of the results we’re getting for our clients. That means more to us than any new client. Knowing that your current clients love you, and are pleased with their results that they go tell someone else. We made a really good decision in partnering with TrueLark.”

Not only does Lead Engage drive results, but its quick implementation also saves clients valuable time. AdCloud can typically get new clients set up in just 1-2 business days, allowing them to start reaping the benefits of AI-powered lead conversion faster.

“We pride ourselves in fast launches. We understand that for franchisees, time is money! On average, we launch a locations marketing strategy including lead engage in 48 hours and it is one of our most commented on efficiencies, from potential clients looking to use AdCloud.”

Clients saved time

Freed from tedious manual follow-up, AdCloud clients could focus on core business activities and strategic initiatives. Mr. Slater said, “We tell them to work on their business and we’ll handle the rest.”

AdCloud keeps clients happy

TrueLark’s influence extends beyond numbers. It fosters stronger client relationships by delivering exceptional service and exceeding expectations. Mr. Slater explained, “We’ve heard feedback from the franchisees and their clients and how much they like being able to book that way. They love the client experience TrueLark creates.” This positive experience translates to higher client retention and loyalty, a valuable asset in any industry.

Conclusion: A winning partnership for growth and client success

TrueLark’s Lead Engage has empowered AdCloud to achieve impressive results in terms of lead conversion, client satisfaction, and overall business growth. Mr. Slater’s commitment to using TrueLark speaks volumes about its effectiveness and the value it brings to appointment-based franchise businesses.

Ready to experience the difference Lead Engage can make for your beauty/wellness franchise marketing agency? Schedule a TrueLark demo today.