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Our Story


Balfour Dental Improves Appointment Scheduling and Patient Reactivation with TrueLark AI

Business Name:

Balfour Dental




10 employees



Business Name:

Balfour Dental



10 employees



TrueLark case study Balfour Dental

This customer story features Balfour Dental. Wife and husband team Dr. Dimple Rayani and Dr. Sien Siao have been serving patients for 16 years at their Brentwood, CA practice. Balfour Dental ensures a welcoming and comfortable environment for patients of all ages and prides itself on exceeding expectations

The practice’s comprehensive suite of services include general and preventive dental care as well as advanced restorative, orthodontic, and neuromuscular dentistry. Their 10-person team includes hygienists, front office staff, dental assistants, and a part-time associate dentist. For this article, we spoke with Dr. Dimple Rayani.


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Additional revenue per month

The Problem

Balfour Dental’s stellar reputation attracted a steady stream of patients, but managing communication proved increasingly difficult. Dr. Rayani explained, “We had a standardized lunchtime where everybody was off, and then at the end of day and weekends, calls would go to voicemail.” 

The practice’s challenges included:

  • Handling high call volumes. Balfour Dental’s growing patient base made support and administration increasingly complex.
  • Missed calls during lunch breaks and outside of office hours. Prospective and existing patients who called during these times often couldn’t connect with a staff member, leading to frustration and missed opportunities.
  • Inefficient voicemail management: Patients who left voicemails required staff follow-up, creating extra work and often longer wait times.

Why Balfour Dental Chose TrueLark

Balfour’s dental marketing agency, Chrisad, introduced TrueLark. Dr. Rayani recognized TrueLark’s innovative approach. It stood out as a unique solution. “At that time, there wasn’t any AI-based system out there,” Dr. Rayani says. “There might be some now, but I’m happy with TrueLark.” TrueLark proved to be the best choice for Balfour Dental’s patient communication needs.

Results and Benefits

After adding TrueLark, the practice saw a significant increase in after-hours bookings. During the first few months, the platform captured one to two new patient appointments per day. And as patients got used to the system, it began yielding three to four new appointments daily, with occasional peaks of five. These were appointments Dr. Rayani’s team might have missed before TrueLark.

Patient Reactivation

Dr. Rayani explained that before TrueLark, patients who attempted scheduling an appointment late at night might forget by morning, leaving a message. The ensuing phone tag was time-consuming for the front desk staff and didn’t always result in an appointment. TrueLark eliminated this issue. “This is a way that they can actually schedule rather than leaving a message,” Dr. Rayani explained. 

By offering 24/7 appointment booking, TrueLark lets patients take action when it’s convenient. This is important for capturing both first time and reactivated patients. Additionally, when the team leaves reactivation messages, TrueLark ensures patients can easily schedule if they miss the call. Eliminating the back-and-forth increases the chances of re-engagement. This also helps to move appointments forward on the calendar, boosting productivity and helping to keep a steady flow of revenue.

Patient Communication Solution Highlights

  • AI communication handling missed calls and after-hours inquiries
  • Real-time response capabilities improving patient interaction
  • Improved efficiency in appointment scheduling
  • Reduced burden on staff workload and office operations
  • Integration with existing practice management software


Balfour Dental’s success story is a great example of how TrueLark’s AI communication tools can benefit the dental industry. By making appointments easier to schedule, capturing missed calls, and offering self-service options around the clock, TrueLark helped Balfour Dental improve efficiency, patient satisfaction, and even their bottom line. With its innovative approach, TrueLark AI is a valuable tool to improve the patient experience and streamline daily operations.