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Our Story


True REST Maintains Quality and Consistency with TrueLark

Business Name:



Beauty & Wellness


100+ employees



Business Name:


Beauty & Wellness


100+ employees



woman in True REST float spa

The very last thing employees and customers of True REST need is stress. After all, this spa and wellness franchise, the fastest growing flotation therapy spa franchise in the U.S., is all about helping people to relax. True REST gives customers an escape from the frenetic pace of today’s world, as well as an opportunity for deep relaxations, through flotation therapy sessions. Also known as Reduced Environmental Stimulus Therapy (REST), this popular service is used for relaxation, pain relief and improved sleep.


missed calls converted into opportunities




hours saved per month

The Stress-free Experience

Naturally, one of the most important assets for a business offering this type of service is a stress-free experience throughout the entire customer engagement process – and it starts with the all-important appointment scheduling. The company is using an artificial intelligence (AI) agent to make sure scheduling appointments is simple, fast and efficient.

As True REST grew in popularity, the company knew it had to keep the consistency and quality of the front desk service and experience. “When a customer or potential new customer wants to schedule or change an appointment or find out more about our services, the last thing we want is to make the process stressful,” said Amir Adib, Director of Franchise Operations for True REST. “So we deployed TrueLark to ensure we never miss a customer call regardless of how busy our receptionists are or if it’s after hours. The automated AI-agent can respond to most any customer query immediately and in our brand voice — including scheduling and confirming appointments. This is good for our customers – and it’s good for us as we have converted approximately 30% of our missed calls into opportunities,” he added.

24/7 Support

Unlike a reception desk, TrueLark solutions are available 24/7 and responds to all calls immediately via engaging AI-powered text discussions. These solutions comprise AI-agents that have been designed specifically for local business and tailored around a range of use cases including salons, spas and the healthcare industry. Regardless of the size of business or number of locations, TrueLark provides unlimited capacity so it can respond to any number of incoming calls, including parallel missed calls, all tailored specifically to a customers’ brand style and tone.

One of the aspects that separate TrueLark from mere chatbots, is the ability for the AI assistants to become increasingly intelligent and intuitive over time. This helps to build loyalty as the AI assistants can offer customers highly personalized interactions, having a positive impact on brand affinity and loyalty.

Democratizing AI

By democratizing the AI market with affordable and tailored solutions, smaller franchises can take advantage of this exciting new technology. Embodied in ‘Sasha’, the most advanced AI-powered consumer texting system, TrueLark gives salons and spas a high impact productivity and efficiency solution that delivers improved revenue and customer retention within weeks of deployment.