Booking Data Points to a Recovery Trend in Beauty, Fitness, and Wellness Industry

COVID19 has rocked local business owners’ worlds and has left us wondering what is next? What does the future of the fitness, beauty, and wellness industry look like? Business owners are reconsidering many facets of their business to adjust to the new normal and keep their business afloat. True Lark has been tracking the booking … Continued

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Beauty, Wellness and Fitness: A view of the industry during COVID19 from the front lines

The Beauty, Wellness, and Fitness industries, collectively a $124B industry in the US, have been hit especially hard by COVID-19. Billions of dollars of revenue have been lost over the last few weeks. Hundreds of thousands of staff have been laid off. Some businesses have had to shut down forever, with many more facing an … Continued

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COVID19 Resources – All in One Place

You have enough to focus on. Here are all of our COVID-19 Resources in one place. Reduced Staffing This Too Will End: What Businesses Are Doing to Prepare How True Lark Can Help Rebuilding Your Customer Base This Too Will End: What Businesses Are Doing to Prepare How to Communicate with Clients During COVID-19 Above … Continued

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Product Update

Getting Ready to Reopen? Optimize Your True Lark Account

We hope you are doing well and staying safe and healthy. As businesses are beginning to reopen our top priority is to support you, communicate accuracy to your customers, and help you fill your schedules. To do so, we are asking for your assistance.   Getting Your True Lark Account Ready Log into your True … Continued

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