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Our Story

How to Run Your Spa Booking Software on Autopilot

August 22, 2022


Spa software that allows for online booking is crucial in today’s connected world. The ability to book appointments online can often make the difference between whether a customer books with you or one of your competitors. While the majority of people may still call or text for appointments, if you are unable to handle their calls or texts immediately, you may lose clients.

With TrueLark’s medspa software, you can automate your bookings regardless of how customers get in touch. If they call or text, and your team is too busy to answer, TrueLark kicks into gear and handles the interaction for you. This allows your team to focus on serving your customers.  

When someone contacts your spa, TrueLark will capture their phone number and immediately respond to them by text. TrueLark can answer frequently asked questions, give directions, share pricing information, and suggest upsells or add-ons.

When someone books an appointment, TrueLark’s medspa software will automatically schedule their visit. The best part? It syncs with your booking software in real time.

Provide Immediate Connections

Customer interest can drop off quickly with each minute that passes. Oftentimes, they get busy and never call back. They may even decide to book somewhere else. So, time is of the essence.

The ability to connect with clients immediately will result in happy customers and increased bookings.

Reduce Staff Duties

TrueLark’s AI-enabled front desk assistant can handle 82% of interactions without human intervention — freeing up your staff and optimizing your bookings as they run on autopilot. This is especially helpful when you are short-staffed or busy serving customers.

TrueLark’s spa software ensures every contact promptly receives the answers they need. If someone does request a callback or has a question that the spa software cannot answer, you will receive a notification. This not only eliminates time wasted on leaving messages and playing phone tag but also maximizes your bookings.

Book Appointments 24/7

TrueLark’s  automated virtual assistant is available 24/7. There is no need to worry about sick days, vacations, or losing business to competitors because your team is not available at all hours of the day.

Forty percent of appointments are booked after hours, and having an efficient way to handle these bookings is crucial. With TrueLark, you will never miss another call, text, chat, or lead — even while you sleep.

Beyond just booking appointments, TrueLark’s AI-fueled spa software also handles questions that can help customers complete their booking.

Provide a Consistent Approach

Another advantage to using TrueLark’s spa software is the consistent messaging. Not all of your employees will take the same approach to customer service or upselling. TrueLark provides a consistent performance that is optimized to ensure you achieve the best results.

This is especially important if you operate multiple locations. Clients get a consistent message regardless of where they’re located or how they contact you. TrueLark picks up on customer preferences and can automatically steer bookings to the right location and provide location-specific pricing.

Handle Omnichannel Communication

There are several ways customers can contact your spa. They can call, send a text message, use social media, or engage with a Chatbot through your website or app. When you choose TrueLark, all of these contacts are handled on one platform. This allows you to automate most of the booking process, which reduces the burden on staff by eliminating the need to constantly check different platforms. It also provides your staff with an opportunity to focus on other areas of your business.

Automate Follow-Up

If customers do not respond to your texts, you can automate the follow-up process to re-engage with them. TrueLark sends timed follow-ups to encourage clients to complete their bookings. This ensures clients do not fall through the cracks when staff gets busy or forgets to follow up.

This function alone can significantly increase your bookings.

Automate Marketing

You can also use TrueLark’s medspa software to send out special offers, discounts, or product and service announcements as well as any other information clients have opted into. This lets you keep your business top-of-mind with clients and provides another way to automate your spa bookings.

Run Your Spa Booking Software on Autopilot

TrueLark allows you to respond instantly to customer inquiries, book the right services, suggest upsells, and automate the majority of the booking process. TrueLark provides instant answers to common questions, which helps eliminate customer frustrations when they have to be put on hold, wait for a return call, or wait until the next day to get answers.

If you are already using a booking platform, such as booker, mytime, Boulevard, book4time, Mindbody, or Acuity Scheduling, TrueLark can integrate seamlessly to ensure any scheduled, canceled, or rescheduled bookings appear in your appointment book in real time.

Book a demo to learn more about how this revolutionary automated system can help grow your business.