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TrueLark FAQs

Getting Started

TrueLark has a simple onboarding process that takes about 30-40 minutes.

TrueLark works with hundreds of single and multi-location businesses in the salon, spa, fitness and dental/DSO markets. Our platform has handled well over 6 million missed calls and conversations and we’re rapidly growing.

You’d be surprised – we have a number of clients that initially had this concern. What they have found is that texting is so commonplace today that even the 65+ demographic is rapidly adopting it. And the few that don’t communicate via text can still leave a voice message for you.

TrueLark’s platform can recognize calls from landline phones. If the system deems the message is of an important nature, TrueLark will forward the link to the recording and the transcript right away. Otherwise you can always check unhandled voice messages on your TrueLark online account to call back. If a cell phone is left as a callback number, TrueLark will continue the conversation from there via text.

TrueLark books the appointment directly into your calendar. There will be a note in the appointment that says, “Booked by TrueLark” You will receive a report each morning outlining the previous day’s activities. If it is a same day booking, reschedule or cancellation TrueLark sends you an email or SMS notification right away.

Our goal is to provide the client with whatever the need was that drove them to call the business. When TrueLark is not able to do this; TrueLark sends a notification to the business asking you to reach out to the client.

The AI does not have the same faults as a human. It can answer a question the same way for every one of your clients and it learns as it gets more questions specific to your business. Also, TrueLark has the Live Dashboard feature which allows you to see the text conversations between TrueLark and your clients. A very useful tool for you to provide feedback.

Some responses are standard but most responses that are specific to your business will and can be customized. TrueLark will work with you to identify questions and how you would like us to respond to them.


You can see an up-to-date list of our integrations on our partners page.

TrueLark is always looking to add new integrations to our platform. Please contact us and let us know what platform you currently use and let your platform provider know that you are looking to use TrueLark and want an integration.

TrueLark uses your booking platforms Application Programming Interface (API) to input or output live data from your software. This API grants access to your client databases, schedule, prices, location, and other features creating a seamless experience for your business and consumers. Think of the API like a waiter that is sending your order to the kitchen and then bring the food back when it is ready.


TrueLark offers a live dashboard. On this dashboard you can see all the conversations the AI has handled.

Customer Support

Yes! You can now manage multiple locations from one dashboard.

1. Make sure your phone’s own voicemail system is off. 2. Check your call forwarding settings: turn off “call forwarding always” by following the instructions for your phone service carrier.

Start by checking your voicemails on the account dashboard. You will only be sent a notification if TrueLark cannot handle the caller’s inquiry via text.

Marketing Tools

Outreach is a one-way, proactive marketing and communication tool that uses SMS text messaging. This feature allows you to send promotional content, business updates, and other one-way messages to opted-in contacts. Outreach supports marketing efforts, client retention, lead generation, and customer communications.

At the end of each Campaign text message, TrueLark adds “Reply STOP to opt-out”, which allows the customer to opt-out of future campaigns from your Outreach Text Only Number. This will prevent TrueLark from sending out future marketing messages to that contact. This will not prevent TrueLark from contacting the customer if they call in and are routed to TrueLark. Opting out of outreach campaigns does not opt customers out of receiving communication in your booking software.

This feature is available to anyone with the Ultimate pricing option.

Currently, the limit is 1,000 messages per month. If you need to increase your limit please contact us at

Lead Engage can drive the following outcomes:

  • Scheduling an appointment
  • Signing a client up for a class
  • Answer FAQs about the promotion or services associated with the form, including questions services, staff, and schedule

Businesses typically collect leads via an online lead platform (e.g. Instapage, Facebook, FormStack) and add them to spreadsheets which staff use to track and follow up on submissions. Form platforms send lead info (e.g. name, phone number, email address, etc.) to the tracker through a built-in feature called a webhook. Lead Engage connects to your form platform via the same webhook functionality and by doing so is able to collect the lead’s contact information, then follow up by text using this information.

Lead Engage is currently available as an add-on with any TrueLark plan for $99 per month per location.

We’re always expanding our offerings. Contact us at to find out where that platform is on our product roadmap.