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Intelligent technology with human-led conversations

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Reduce redundant tasks that take you away from what matters most.

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AI-led Scheduling

Automate with Intelligence

Hundreds of ways to customize the product to match how you do business. The technology is artificial intelligence (AI), but the conversations are human-led.

Integrates with your software.

Book for multiple guests or appointments.

Convenient scheduling filters.

Recommend additional services.

Automatically collect information.

Easily update appointment times.

Ask customers guided questions.

Reduce gaps between appointments.

Integrates with your booking platform.

Custom messaging for your brand.

AI led Scheduling - Appointment booking example

With TrueLark customers on average see


additional revenue booked




calls handled fully

Online Booking

Stay on top of client communication

Improve efficiency and patient satisfaction by allowing the flexibility of booking appointments online. TrueLark allows patients to schedule, reschedule, and cancel appointments anytime from their computer or mobile device. 

multi-service, multi-guest appointments

Handle multi-requests

TrueLark handles 10x more scenarios, comparing to chatbots that are only able to achieve booking a simple, single-user, single-service appointment.


Scheduling filters

Allows you to filter when booking classes or appointments via TrueLark. Book before or after a specific time, block bookings for an entire day, book services at preferred time slots, etc.

upsell and add-ons

Recommend additional services

Make personalized recommendations to your clients based on their needs and goals. Educate guests about your offerings, and upsell by suggesting add-ons.

Our success stories

Beauty & Wellness


bookings per month


conversation handle rate


booking request conversion

“If it’s hard to book or if it sounds like a robot that you’re interacting with, it’s not going to go well. That’s not our voice. If you want your company to seem really smart, TrueLark does it for you.”

Beauty & Wellness


Conversations Handled Per Month




Enrollment Request Conversions

StretchSPOT appreciates the seamless communication and efficient booking experience TrueLark provides. With satisfied clients, easy management, and a user-friendly interface, TrueLark has become an integral part of StretchSPOT’s operations.



conversations handled per month


hours saved


revenue booked

“As an organization, we like to try out new technology. TrueLark has made it to the list. It’s squarely out of pilot, it’s demonstrated its value, and we will add each location as the time is right.”

Collecting Payments And Contact Information

Collect important info

TrueLark allows businesses to collect contact and payment information prior to an appointment. Request that the guest enters their credit card in order to secure the appointment, reducing administrative time before the appointment and removing any need for human involvement. Everything is taken care of for you.

Text to Book, Reschedule and Cancel

Schedule services over text message conversation

Allow your clients to schedule services over text message conversation. Clients can book, cancel, or update their services through natural human-like conversations. TrueLark will sync with your booking software to assist with payment collection and scheduling.

Guided Service Selection

Ask specific questions and gather info about your clients

Ask specific questions and gather info about your clients, such as location or referral source, prior to further engagement via chat. This information will guide the conversations to ensure your clients get the answer that is most relevant to their situation while collecting the information your team needs to provide the very best experience.

Schedule Optimization

Prevent large gaps in your schedule and optimize capacity

Prevent large gaps in your schedule by recommending appointment times that optimize capacity. TrueLark supports the optimization of your schedule by encouraging clients to book at times that are grouped near other appointments, helping to prevent wasted time in your schedule.

Schedule Integration (real-time sync)

Keeping your schedule up-to-date

TrueLark syncs with your booking platform in real time to give guests the most accurate and up-to-date appointment information available. Seamlessly schedule and reschedule appointment without worrying about booking over another appointment.

Message Customization

Customizations that fit your needs

With TrueLark’s AI-led software, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. Businesses can customize everything from how staff and appointment availability is shown, ask qualifying questions needed to secure the appointment, deliver post-booking instructions and more. You can even choose how TrueLark refers to your customers (guest, patient, etc.) and how it describes your business. TrueLark is truly an extension of your staff.