Meet Sasha

Your remarkably human-like
business assistant

Grow, retain, and engage your customer base instantly with 24/7 coverage. It is fully automated so you can get back to what matters most.

See How Sasha Works
Text-based Outreach

Sasha responds to your missed calls via text with quick-empathic responses 24/7. And it’s all fully automated, so you don’t have to lift a finger.

Live Web Chat

Sasha manages your website to help answer questions, book classes or appointments, and connect with new clients.


Technology that matches how you run your business, not the other way around. Freedom to structure your business your way.

Personalized & Consistent

Increase revenue and retention by matching clients with the right pricing option and service in your brand's unique voice.

Say goodbye to missed opportunities

Sasha turns missed communication via phone, text, live chat, or form submission into opportunities. Instant responses that allow clients to initiate and drive the conversation by asking “How can I help you?”. Sasha understands natural human language and provides empathic responses around-the-clock that will embody the personality of your favorite staff member.


How does Sasha work?

Handles customer inquiries 24/7

Sasha engages your guests immediately after a missed call, text, form submission, or live web chat

Syncs with your software

Where needed, Sasha updates your calendar so that you and your staff are kept up-to-date

Keeps you informed

Sasha summarizes results and notifies you when something needs your immediate attention


Start the conversation.

Automated marketing tools let you follow up with clients immediately via text after they submit a form — giving you the comfort of knowing that warm leads never go cold again.

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Consistent experience across all your locations

One of the biggest challenges for multi-location businesses is providing a consistent experience across each location. You’ve created a successful brand with a proven process. Leverage technology to make your “secret sauce” scalable no matter where in the world you grow. Help to drive consistent performance at each location, cutting costs but not quality.

Your brand's voice
Compliant with best practices
Understand why your customers are calling
Ability to learn your unique business needs

Conversations handled by True Lark


Revenue booked


Hours staff time saved

Seamless integration with your booking software

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