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New Web Chat: A game-changer for user experience

We’re excited to introduce our new Web Chat which makes it quick and easy for visitors to interact with your business in real-time and resolve their requests. Point, click, scroll and search to find locations, appointment slots and FAQs in the message thread.

In-chat forms

Booking calendar, contact and financial forms open up in the chat window. No more tedious page redirects or clicking multiple times to access documents and integrated tools.

Optimized for mobile and desktop

Your guests will enjoy the same level of functionality and convenience across all devices. Plus, our AI engine gets smarter with time, continually filling knowledge gaps and driving higher levels of service and automation.

Industry-leading AI

Guests can manage appointments, access the payment system or get answers to questions directly within the chat. Our AI ensures that whether they’re a first-time visitor or a long-time client, their questions are answered with the utmost accuracy and understanding.

Customizable language

We understand the importance of maintaining brand voice. You can customize the Welcome Flow, Pre-booking Flow, and Booking Flow to speak in a way that aligns with your unique brand identity.

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