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Our Story


How Mermaid Hair Extensions Turned Conversations Into Conversions With TrueLark

Business Name:

Mermaid Hair Extensions


Beauty & Wellness


15 employees



Business Name:

Mermaid Hair Extensions

Beauty & Wellness


15 employees



Mermaid Hair Extensions team

Mermaid Hair Extensions, with salons located in downtown Seattle and Kirkland, Washington, has been a pioneer in the hair extension industry since 2006. Founded by Cindy Reynolds, a veteran stylist and a Member of Intercoiffure ICA, Mermaid has received numerous awards including being recognized by Salon Today as a top 200 salon for significant growth, with a notable 23% increase in revenue from 2021 to 2022. As the beauty industry increasingly recognizes the importance of client experience, using advanced technology to enhance the client journey has become crucial for high-end salons like Mermaid Hair Extensions.


Conversations per month


Conversation handle rate


Booking request conversion


Before adopting TrueLark AI, staffing challenges resulted in missed phone calls and Cindy realized that any missed phone call was a missed opportunity to successfully engage a potential client.  The salon needed to improve its online experience and frequently asked question (FAQ) responses to meet the needs of today’s consumer. Busy women shopping for a new salon service, particularly a high-ticket item like extensions, start with online research and want to ask a lot of questions before booking an appointment. They want to know what methods of hair extensions are offered, how long the service will take, how long they will last, how much it will cost and what hours the salon is open. These are all frequently asked questions that can easily be answered by AI, or a “bot”. Once potential clients know the answers to these basic questions, they are more confident in scheduling their in-person complimentary consultation. 


The salon had recently converted to Phorest for online booking, and the Phorest account manager recommended TrueLark for its superior AI capabilities and flexibility. This offered an advanced solution to the communication challenges with high standards for client interaction and service automation.  TrueLark uses “machine learning” which means it remembers every interaction and gets smarter every time it has an engagement with a client.


Since adding TrueLark, Mermaid Hair Extensions has enjoyed the following benefits:

  • The salon welcomed 1,188 new clients in 2023 that initially got many questions answered and booked their initial appointment through TrueLark.
  • TrueLark facilitated an average of 28 online bookings per week, with 17 occurring after hours, contributing to an additional monthly revenue of approximately $26,000.
  • 78% of client requests were successfully handled by TrueLark, significantly enhancing client satisfaction with automated interactions.
  • The system has also improved staff efficiency, making client communication via text more streamlined compared to traditional phone calls.

Employee experience

When asked about the salon teams’ experience with TrueLark, the front desk staff reports that it is far easier to quickly communicate with clients via text messaging regarding rescheduling or modifying appointments rather than a phone calls and playing phone tag with voice mails. AI also allows the front desk staff to spend less time on the phone and more time engaging one on one with clients in the salon as well as freeing them up to spend time on other tasks.

Client experience

Today’s busy clients prefer as much self-service and online interaction as possible. They love the convenience of being able to ask questions and book appointments 24 hours a day/seven days a week. 


TrueLark has significantly enhanced Mermaid Hair Extensions’ ability to serve their clients outside of traditional business hours, enriching client experience through efficient self-service. The integration with Phorest online booking ensures all appointments are synced in real-time. The increase in revenue and client acquisition directly attributes to the effective integration of TrueLark AI solutions, proving its worth as a critical tool in modern salon management. Looking ahead, Mermaid Hair Extensions plans to continue enhancing their services with TrueLark, ensuring they remain at the forefront of the industry in both technology and customer satisfaction.