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Our Story


How Dr. Tau Elevated His Patient Experience with Automated Text-Based Communication

Business Name:

Pennsylvania Center for Dental Excellence




1- 10 employees



Business Name:

Pennsylvania Center for Dental Excellence



1- 10 employees



Dr. Tau team

Dr. Len Tau, who has been in practice since 1999, runs the Pennsylvania Center for Dental Excellence, the leading full-service dental practice in Northeast Philadelphia with a team of seven. He and his team focus on providing clear communication and an inviting, seamless experience for their patients.

The Pennsylvania Center for Dental Excellence implemented the automated and responsive TrueLark system resulting in reduced overhead, more appointments booked, and improved customer experience.


new patients booked per month


additional production per month


patients received immediate assistance per month

The Problem

Patient experience is a key ingredient to success at the Pennsylvania Center for Dental Excellence. Dr. Len and the team have gone to lengths to ensure top-notch communication by hiring a call center for appointment scheduling during hours, an after-hours answering service, and even a live chat on their website. 

But they found that even with a call center, they missed too many patient calls, lagged on following up, and missed opportunities to engage new patients. The after-hours answering service led to attrition from wait times and even unanswered calls, given the limited coverage. 

With all those solutions in place in addition to their well-trained front-office staff, Dr. Len felt there was more they could do to improve the client experience and save his staff time and stress.

The Solution

After learning about TrueLark’s solution, Dr. Len knew its automated customer communication platform could help fill the gap. 

TrueLark’s simple, AI-led messaging platform handles most patient inquiries — from answering common questions related to insurance, parking, and hours to booking new and existing patients into common services like cleanings, exams, and consultations all in a remarkably human-like way. 


Dr. Tau initially assigned TrueLark to only respond to after-hours calls (thereby replacing his answering service). He was immediately surprised by the results. From after-hours calls alone, over a 1 month period, TrueLark booked 13 new patients that would generate at least $9,750 in additional production for the practice. TrueLark also booked 17 returning patients for checkups, cleanings and emergencies. Overall, more than 85% of booking requests were converted instantly into scheduled appointments by the AI. Lastly, of the 297 patients that interacted via TrueLark in 1 month, less than 30% needed further action or followup by the staff. This saved at least 50 hours of staff time during the month, allowing them to better serve patients that were at the location.

Dr. Tau shared that “With TrueLark, it’s almost like we have an extra person, without the additional overhead. TrueLark’s convenient text and email notifications make it easy to follow-up with patients and access voicemails on the go, without having to find my login or navigate multiple menus.” 

In summary, TrueLark enabled Dr. Tau to provide his patients a prompt, precise, and efficient experience via automated, text-based communication, making it very easy for them to schedule appointments and get information. Every single patient was taken care of, both during and after business hours, allowing Dr. Tau and his staff to focus on things in the practice which provide an even greater patient experience.