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Our Story


Sensory Fitness Pumped Up Its Exercise Schedule And Saved $30K

Business Name:

Sensory Fitness




1- 10 employees



Business Name:

Sensory Fitness



1- 10 employees



There’s a reason Miami-based gym, Sensory Fitness, successfully doubled the size of its exercise space last year. Actually, there are three. First, it created a fresh and exciting product that truly stands-out in the very crowded and competitive Miami market. Second, it transformed its front desk experience using automation and an intelligent assistant to deliver fast, high quality and highly personalized customer service and engagement. Third, it earned the trust, loyalty and repeat business of its customers (largely due to the first and second reasons….)


annual savings


additional recurring monthly revenue


new members every month

Thinking Differently

If you’ve ever been to Enrique Gomez’s gym, you’d know he thinks differently. One half of his gym’s exercise space is dedicated to heart pumping, adrenaline rushing workouts with lighting, music and energy that’s more akin to a nightclub than a gym; while the other half of the space is dedicated to restorative stretching in an environment that exudes the comfort and tranquility of a spa. Through the combination of these very different services, Sensory Fitness has captured the attention of the Miami market. What also captured the attention of the Miami market was the high quality of customer service and personalized approach to customer engagement.

Sensory Fitness has experienced the value of this first-hand with client feedback comments including “you guys are spectacular!” and “thank you for the amazing customer service”.

The Conundrum

However, while success and expansion are what every entrepreneur seeks, with more space and more classes and more customers, Enrique faced a conundrum. How could he continue to meet every customer and answer every call with the intimacy, personalization and quality that they had come to expect – and which was a key ingredient in the Sensory Fitness magic sauce – when he wasn’t available?


The Solution

His initial approach was to hire more resources on the front desk. However, it quickly became apparent that this extra resource wasn’t able to respond to calls and questions with either the speed, efficiency or level of personalization and authenticity that Enrique and his customers expected. So, he turned instead to technology. Technology in the form of Sasha for Fitness.

Powered by TrueLark, Sasha for Fitness is an AI assistant that responds to incoming customer calls – whatever the volume, time or inquiry. Not only can it answer calls in a natural human conversation style, it can quickly and intelligently answer appointment and rescheduling requests, and general information requests such as services and hours – all via text message. It can easily be personalized in the brand tone of a company, and because it understands context it never forgets a customer – when they last visited and service preferences. Sensory Fitness has experienced the value of this first-hand with client feedback comments including “you guys are spectacular!” and “thank you for the amazing customer service”.

The Results – Saving $30K a year

TrueLark integrates seamlessly with Sensory Fitness’ booking software, so appointment scheduling and class registrations are all automated and immediately updated. In fact, the richness of customer interaction and seamless integration with Sensory Fitness’ systems has meant TrueLark is signing up around 10 new members every month – which translates to over $1,500 in additional recurring monthly revenue.

The ability to both personalize and automate the majority of customer call engagement – and to Enrique’s exacting standards – allowed for easy and success scale as the gym took on more exercise space. It also ensured continued excellence in customer care, and an error-free booking system. While these benefits alone would have been success enough for Sensory Fitness, they also realized over $30k in annual cost savings because Sasha For Fitness performs so well, there is no longer a need for additional front desk resource.