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Our Story


FUEL Marketing Uses TrueLark Lead Engage to Increase Lead Conversions for Restore Hyper Wellness

Business Name:

FUEL Marketing


Beauty & Wellness


18 employees


FUEL serves 44 Restore Hyper Wellness locations

Business Name:

FUEL Marketing

Beauty & Wellness


18 employees


FUEL serves 44 Restore Hyper Wellness locations

woman using smartphone to schedule appointment

FUEL Marketing, based in Salt Lake City, Utah, has been providing comprehensive marketing services for over two decades. The agency discovered TrueLark through some of their Restore Hyper Wellness clients. The Restore franchise owners were using TrueLark’s AI platform to answer missed calls and streamline booking and support.


Avg. conversion rate


Avg. monthly submissions


Avg. campaigns per month

FUEL learned that in addition to the features Restore locations were using, TrueLark also offers a Lead Engage tool. This discovery led FUEL to establish a partnership with TrueLark. Through this collaboration, FUEL has been able to enhance lead conversion and client satisfaction for their joint clientele.

For this customer story, we spoke with Kallie Hardy, Senior Account Director at FUEL.

The Challenge: The Weight of Manual Follow-Up

While FUEL excelled at generating leads for their clients, the limitations of manual follow-up posed challenges. Before discovering the efficiency of Lead Engage, FUEL used traditional methods like spreadsheets to track and manage leads. This led to several key pain points:

  • Delayed Response Time: Manual nurturing caused delays in connecting with leads. In an era where consumers expect instant responses, these delays risked the leads losing interest and moving on to competitors.
  • Missed Opportunities: The time-consuming task of tracking leads in spreadsheets made it difficult to consistently follow up. This resulted in missed opportunities for conversions and the associated revenue.
  • Lack of Scalability: As FUEL expanded their client base, the manual process became increasingly unsustainable and difficult to scale. The limitations hindered their ability to effectively support a growing client base.

Embracing Efficiency With Lead Engage Automation

FUEL’s partnership with TrueLark and the implementation of Lead Engage solved the challenges of manual lead follow-up. Lead Engage sends an immediate SMS upon form fill from an unlimited number of online channels. The lead can book in the initial text, but if they don’t, Lead Engage sends two more texts giving the lead two more chances to claim the offer. Lead Engage uses TrueLark’s advanced AI to engage with leads within the text thread. The AI can answer a wide range of questions about the specific promotion as well as general information about Restore Hyper Wellness and their services.

Let’s recap the benefits of TrueLark Lead Engage for FUEL Marketing and their Restore Hyper Wellness clients:

  1. Immediate Engagement and Booking: Lead Engage’s automated system triggers an immediate SMS response to every lead, acknowledging their interest, presenting the offer, and fostering a sense of connection. This crucial first touchpoint reduces the risk of losing leads due to delayed follow-up.
  2. Integration: Lead Engage integrates with online booking systems and CRMs including Referrizer and GoHighLevel. This streamlines workflows that involve multiple platforms used by FUEL and their Restore clients.
  3. Improved Campaign Success Tracking: FUEL can easily track the performance of various campaigns with Lead Engage reporting functions.

Quantifiable Success: Fueling Growth with Measurable Results

The implementation of Lead Engage has yielded quantifiable results:

  1. Increased Conversion Rates: Since using Lead Engage, FUEL has observed an average conversion rate of around 20% for their lead generation campaigns.
  2. Improved Client Satisfaction: Clients appreciate the platform’s efficiency and ability to nurture leads. While comprehensive revenue tracking was under development as of this writing, the initial improvements in lead conversion and client satisfaction point towards a promising trajectory for client ROI.
  3. Time Saved: Lead Engage’s user-friendly interface and automated features have significantly reduced the time FUEL spends on manual follow-up activities. This allows the team to dedicate more time to strategic planning, campaign optimization, and other client-centric initiatives.
  4. Fast Onboarding: The onboarding process for new clients is remarkably quick, often completed within just two business days, ensuring swift implementation and immediate impact.

These results illustrate the tangible benefits FUEL Marketing and their clients have experienced through the partnership with TrueLark and the adoption of Lead Engage. We enjoy working with the FUEL team and look forward to many more years of shared success.

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