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Drilling Down Into The Dental Industry’s Potential For Digital Transformation With TrueLark

March 26, 2021


As Ogden Nash famously said, ‘some pains are physical, and some are mental, but one that is both is dental.’ The thought of a visit to the dentist makes most people feel apprehensive. 

The possibility of pain apart, there are myriad cosmetic or psychological concerns. In a nutshell, when it comes to getting a dental procedure, questions abound.

There’s a lot going on at a dental practice

A dentist’s front office would have to field questions ranging from the simple to the complex: location, appointment, and parking availability, to queries about dental procedures, their durations, fees/charges, insurance coverage, or info on the practitioners themselves.

Each query is a potential lead, and each must be addressed well and promptly.

On the other side of the chair, the picture is equally busy.  Dentists have to spend long hours with patients, as certain treatments are time-consuming and require multiple sittings. Dental care is a highly-skilled, in-demand, but increasingly competitive space. As a result, dentists continuously strive to up-skill and remain in touch with the latest developments. 

Every dental practice needs an efficient front office. Finding and hiring the right office staff may often not be the forte of dentists. Having the right person behind the receptionist’s desk is paramount in giving incoming patients individual attention, addressing queries, and putting them at ease. This is easier said than done for a busy practice. 

It’s time the dental industry went digital

TrueLark’s automated communication platform is geared for highly personalized patient engagement. Its intelligent, human-assisted, continuously learning AI makes it possible to easily implement highly customized solutions for each practice, meeting the exacting demands of the dental industry.

TrueLark’s end-to-end solution brings a whole new dimension to dental patient care. Managing the front office, everyday operations, and processes now become very easy. TrueLark is not a bot: It functions as a true extension of your team. For the patient, it reduces stress and anxiety that hovers around getting a dental procedure.

What TrueLark can do for your practice

TrueLark’s impressive stats:

  • 90% handle rate- means it can deal effectively with any queries that come its way, whether in the form of text messages or chat.
  • 20:1 ROI helps you maximize revenue and efficiency. This is of immense benefit to dentists, as setting up a dental practice is quite costly. Moreover, there could be pending student loans and tuition to pay off. It behooves most medical practitioners to maximize and streamline their revenue sources to stave off debt.
  • A 75% engagement rate ensures that most leads get converted into appointments. Unlike human staff, TrueLark functions 24/7: after hours, on holidays, and on weekends. 

A dental practice can expect three key benefits from TrueLark:

  1. Simplified scheduling for both the practice and the patient, whether the dental practice is a standalone or a part of a chain. 
  2. Using continuous learning, the AI gets more and more familiar with the dental industry’s nuances, patient profiles, frequently asked questions, treatment scenarios, and such. The system becomes increasingly intuitive, and richer in the human element. 
  3. Increasing the business’s valuation (if the dentist wants to scale up or sell the practice at any point in the future.) A dental practice that is hyper-customized and automated to manage patient queries and deliver a highly satisfactory consumer experience can be highly rated and desirable as an acquisition. 

With TrueLark, the dental industry can benefit from an exceptional reception and process management tool.

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