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How a Customer Experience Platform Increases Gym Profitability

July 13, 2023

Want to boost profitability for your fitness business? An AI-powered customer experience platform may be the quickest way to do it. In this article, we’ll explain how TrueLark can drive impressive financial results for your fitness studio or gym.

If you don’t know what TrueLark is, first, skip to the end for a detailed description and then come back and review the multiple ways TrueLark can increase profitability for fitness and wellness businesses.

Be More Efficient

Gone are the days of manual tasks and endless administrative work. Fitness studio owners don’t have time to take routine member calls, follow up with digital leads and handle class scheduling with pen and paper. TrueLark harnesses the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to automate time-consuming processes at fitness facilities, freeing up valuable resources and allowing you to focus on growing your fitness empire.

The TrueLark customer experience platform automates member phone calls, class sign-ups, membership renewals, and lead engagement. When a prospect or member calls your business or engages with a chatbot on your website, TrueLark initiates a natural, human-like conversation. In the process, your client can perform whatever action they need. This includes accessing the schedule, signing up for a class, scheduling an appointment, renewing their membership, accessing your waiver, or getting answers to questions.

Because TrueLark syncs with fitness studio management and booking software, when a member books a class via text or web chat, TrueLark registers it into your booking software.

Keep Clients Longer

One of the key elements of running a successful fitness business is maintaining strong customer relationships with gym members. With TrueLark’s AI-powered messaging platform, fitness business owners can engage with clients effortlessly, 24/7. No more missed calls and delayed responses.

TrueLark handles customer inquiries, appointment scheduling, class sign-ups, and more, ensuring that your clients receive prompt and accurate information whenever they need it. This level of exceptional customer service not only enhances member satisfaction but also boosts customer loyalty and retention, ultimately driving profitability.

It’s important for fitness club owners to understand that customer expectations have changed significantly in the past couple of years. Studies show that a majority of consumers want automated interactions with businesses. This means that your digital customer experience is as important as your in-person member experience

Save on Labor Costs

Hiring continues to be challenging for gyms, fitness studios and other businesses in the wellness industry. If you are fortunate to have a team of high-performing employees, don’t take them for granted. Be proactive about maintaining engagement and satisfaction.

Smart tech makes any employee’s job easier. This, in turn, increases morale and performance, both of which boost employee retention. Hiring is expensive and time-consuming – it’s better to keep your current team happy and loyal by improving their jobs with innovation and automation.

Increase Revenue

Integrate TrueLark with your gym management software and booking platform. This is the best way for fitness clubs to fill classes and manage scheduling. Whether you are a membership-based gym or have a pay-as-you-go model, ensuring that clients book classes and services is your first priority. TrueLark allows clients to access schedules and sign up for classes on their phone, in a text thread. You might be wondering, “Isn’t online scheduling good enough?” Actually, no. There is a world of difference. If a client has to click a link in a text to access an online scheduling system, you always lose people along the way. First off, many won’t click the link. Of the remainder, some will click it but have difficulty using a scheduling system from their phone. Most scheduling platforms were designed for desktops, not mobile devices. Learn more here: “Why Online Booking Can be a Liability.

Increase Marketing ROI

In the world of fitness studios, gyms, and fitness clubs, profitability is key to success. However, many businesses make a classic rookie mistake: they invest heavily in marketing and digital advertising without having the means to effectively follow up on the leads generated. What’s the point of spending money on lead generation campaigns if the follow-up with potential customers falls short?

Typically, businesses place ads on various websites and social media platforms that direct potential customers to a dedicated landing page. These potential customers fill out a form with their contact information to claim the offer shown in the ad. But what happens next? It becomes the business’s responsibility to reach out to these leads, confirm bookings or offers, and answer questions.

However, the reality is that following up on every lead generated by social media and other marketing campaigns can be a challenge for businesses relying solely on desk staff. Factors such as high turnover rates, delays in hiring and training new staff at the reception, and the need to multitask with walk-ins and phone calls make it difficult for staff members and marketing teams to effectively follow up on leads.

Ease the Follow-Up Burden on Your Staff

It can also feel like an overwhelming task or an unnecessary burden to train staff specifically for lead follow-up and other marketing efforts. Furthermore, having someone available 24/7 to engage with leads is unlikely. As a result, leads often go unfollowed for hours, days, or even months, causing them to go cold and potential customers to look elsewhere.

This is where TrueLark’s Lead Engage comes into play. Lead Engage leverages AI to optimize new customer interactions and boost conversions and closed wins. When you receive a lead, TrueLark sends an automated text immediately. Regardless of where the lead found you – Facebook, Google Ads, Instagram or any other online site – TrueLark follows up promptly.

If your marketing campaigns aren’t performing like you want them to, it may be because you don’t follow up quickly. Let TrueLark text your leads and give them the option to book a class or schedule one of your fitness services in the text thread.

Advanced AI Provides Better Service

Lead Engage provides immediate, warm, precise, and contextual responses to queries or form submissions. It not only consolidates leads by booking appointments but also continues the conversation by addressing additional questions about offers, services, policies, location, parking, and more. With Lead Engage, fitness studio businesses can turn interested prospects into happy customers and members.

By utilizing Lead Engage, gyms and fitness clubs can increase their booking rates by 30-35% (or more). And as our AI technology continues to improve, this number is only expected to grow. Maximize the potential of your lead generation campaign with minimal friction. Deliver exceptional member experiences and increase customer engagement, even if you operate with a reception-less model.

Here is what a TrueLark client said about Lead Engage:

We literally have nobody at our front desk. That is our business model. And it works… TrueLark is resolving about 76% of the calls. Lead Engage is the solution for the conversion part.

Reclaim Time to Grow Your Fitness Studio Business

With improved operational efficiency, you can focus on your zone of genius, the strategic activities that drive growth and profitability.

What is TrueLark?

TrueLark is the most advanced AI-powered client experience platform for the fitness and wellness industries. With a wide range of functions and capabilities, this all-in-one communications platform ensures a seamless and efficient customer experience. Let’s delve into the key features and benefits:

  1. Book through text: TrueLark allows businesses to effortlessly convert phone calls and website visitors into booked appointments. TrueLark AI instantly engages prospects and clients and schedules their visits automatically. This eliminates the need for staff to manually handle appointment bookings, saving time and reducing errors.
  2. Answer customer questions: With TrueLark’s advanced AI capabilities, businesses can provide accurate and timely information via text or web chat regarding scheduling, services, add-ons, and pricing. This ensures customers receive the assistance they need any time, day or night. In addition, it provides personalized experiences which lead to improved retention.
  3. Follow up with leads via text: TrueLark enables businesses to effortlessly follow up with leads through automated campaigns. By leveraging SMS, TrueLark sends personalized messages to leads, informing them about promotions, discounts, or other updates. This automated follow-up process helps to nurture leads and drive conversions, without burdening staff with repetitive tasks.
  4. Consolidate omnichannel communications: TrueLark seamlessly handles conversations from various channels, including phone calls, texts, web chats, call center software, chatbots, multiple locations and two-way messaging platforms. This ensures that businesses can efficiently manage all customer interactions from a single platform, eliminating the need to juggle multiple communication tools and login credentials.
  5. Harmonize AI and human-driven tasks: This is a key differentiator when comparing TrueLark to other gym member management software. TrueLark blends the power of AI with human-driven tasks to create a harmonious and effective customer service experience. While AI handles routine inquiries and tasks, human staff can focus on more complex or personalized interactions. This combination of AI and human expertise optimizes efficiency and delivers exceptional customer service.
  6. Prioritize follow-up calls: Timely follow-up is essential for an outstanding digital customer experience. TrueLark’s prioritizes follow-up calls based on the content of conversations. Rather than requiring staff to review every conversation, TrueLark identifies those that require immediate attention and flags them for follow-up. This ensures that staff can prioritize their time and efforts, resulting in improved efficiency and faster response times.

With comprehensive customer experience management, your team can provide exceptional customer service while maximizing efficiency. Whether it’s booking appointments, answering customer inquiries, or following up with leads, TrueLark streamlines daily operations and enhances the overall customer experience.

To start increasing profitability at your gym, book a demo with TrueLark today.



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