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Our Story

Fitness Business Automation with AI

March 7, 2023

As technology advances, more and more businesses are turning to Artificial Intelligence (AI) to help streamline their operations. AI can be used in a variety of industries, including fitness. By automating tasks that once had to be done manually, AI can help save time, money and resources while helping to improve the client experience. In this article, we’ll explore how AI is being used in the fitness industry to better serve customers and make operations more efficient.

Artificial Intelligence-Powered Customer Messaging

Artificial Intelligence-powered automation is a relatively new concept and – not surprisingly – often misunderstood. Because we serve the fitness industry and talk with business owners every day, we repeatedly encounter misconceptions. To help clear the air, let’s do some myth busting.

Myth #1 Advanced AI is too expensive for a small fitness business.

Reality: This may have been true a few years ago, but today some innovative providers offer affordable cloud-based solutions that pay for themselves quickly and provide significant ROI.

Myth #2 An AI-led communications platform is the same as a chatbot.

Reality: It’s important to understand the difference between a full-service Artificial Intelligence solution and an off-the-shelf chatbot. Off-the-shelf chatbots typically can’t understand natural human language. In contrast, full-service AI communications solutions are created and supported by a team of specialists. They train the AI engine on millions of actual client conversations in the industry for which they are designed. This empowers the software to engage in complicated conversations with clients in natural language. The provider also monitors the performance of the software after implementation and upskills it when it can’t resolve an issue, ensuring that it delivers continual higher levels of automation.

Myth #3 The only value an AI-led messaging platform provides is to answer the phone after hours.

Reality: A full-service AI platform resolves the client’s request in the majority of cases. This includes scheduling an appointment, filling out the waiver form, signing up for a class, getting a question answered and accessing the payment system.

Myth #4: Clients don’t like to interact with a bot.

Reality: Fitness clients prefer 24/7 self-service for booking appointments, class sign-ups, and renewing their memberships. Fitness businesses that provide high quality around-the-clock service can sell more memberships, book more classes, and retain clients longer.

How to Use AI in Your Fitness Studio or Gym

Now, let’s discuss the applications for Artificial Intelligence-powered automation in the fitness industry. 

AI for Customer Service

As mentioned previously, consumers increasingly expect self-service, anytime, anywhere. AI can be used to automate customer service tasks such as class sign-ups, appointment scheduling, waiver submission, class schedule management, or handling customer inquiries. This not only saves time but also helps ensure that fitness studio clients are receiving quick and accurate responses to their questions. AI can also automate customer feedback and surveys, allowing fitness businesses to collect data quickly and accurately. This data can then be used to tailor customer experiences or identify areas of improvement. 

AI for Personalized Fitness Programs

AI can also be used to personalize fitness programs for each client. By using machine learning algorithms, AI can assess individual preferences and goals, as well as track progress over time. This enables fitness businesses and personal trainers to adjust when needed, creating a tailored program for each member.

AI for Client Retention

Client retention requires continual proactive measures and AI can help here as well. Automating membership renewals can free up the fitness owner or staff from manually verifying member data when processing waivers and payments. Owners can identify clients with low attendance and share class schedules, goal reminders or even a quick “Hey, where have you been? We’ve missed you,” message. This can increase attendance as well as minimize no-shows. In addition, you can identify members most likely to cancel and design text promotions specifically for them.

AI for Increased Productivity

Increasing productivity is key to the growth and scalability of any business. Automating repetitive tasks can free up time for business owners to pursue strategic activities that enable progress. AI-led automation not only boosts productivity, but reduces potential human errors and improves work-life balance for owners and employees alike. These advantages are especially significant in the fitness industry where tracking memberships, scheduling classes, and monitoring finances can be time consuming, manual processes.

AI for Data-Informed Decisions

Making better decisions in business is essential to remain competitive and profitable. With advances in data, technology, and software solutions, fitness businesses can gain a better understanding of the variables that impact their success and use this knowledge to make more informed business decisions.

Final Thoughts

It’s never been easier for business owners in the fitness industry to get started with AI automation —introducing new tools into the infrastructure can open up countless avenues of increased productivity going forward.

To learn how to harness the power of AI for your club, gym or yoga studio, book a demo today.


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