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How to Manage Customer Communications With AI

January 20, 2023


We’re excited to kick off 2023 by introducing our new Business Messenger feature. Over the years, TrueLark has developed the most powerful AI to automate customer communications. Business Messenger now combines the powerful automation of our AI Virtual Receptionist with the simplicity of a smart inbox for your staff to manage all customer communications in one place.

What is Business Messenger?

Business Messenger re-imagines communications management for the beauty, wellness, fitness and dental industries. In a world where 80% of your communications are fully automated by TrueLark’s AI Virtual Receptionist, it would be redundant for your staff to review all conversations to determine which ones need follow-up. This is exactly what Business Messenger solves by enabling you to: 1) identify at-a-glance which customers require attention, and 2) quickly follow-up with those customers via the same channel they reached out to you on.

Business Messenger provides intelligent communications workflow management that can transform your business operations.

  • Consolidate chatbot, SMS, voice messages and multiple locations into one inbox
  • Ditch cumbersome integration tools
  • Harmonize human and AI-guided processes
  • Simplify collaboration across teams and locations
  • Prioritize follow-up calls to improve service and operational efficiency
  • Continuously improve the levels of automation over time

Let’s discuss the benefits of Business Messenger from both a staff and customer perspective.

Consolidate Communications from Multiple Channels

Many businesses have cobbled together a piecemeal system that attempts to manage communications in multiple channels. SMS, chatbots, automated phone systems and call centers add unnecessary complexity for both guests and your team. Instead of making your work easier, these Frankenstein tech stacks often create more work because they can’t automate or integrate. Sound familiar? 

Business Messenger consolidates all communications across platforms, business locations and teams:

  • Webchat
  • SMS and texting
  • Automated voice messaging
  • Call center platforms

See all conversations in one easy to use dashboard regardless of where the guest initiated the conversation or whether a staff member stepped in or out of the process.

Filter Out Spam

A common problem with enabling text on a business phone number is the fact that it immediately becomes a target for spam. Business Messenger filters out the spam so it doesn’t overwhelm your staff (or your system). Clear the clutter so your team can focus on what matters.

Provide a Consistent Guest Experience

Business Messenger provides your customers and prospects a consistent, exceptional experience across all channels. They won’t get confused by texts from multiple phone numbers or get stuck in a chatbot loop. Whether their request is resolved with our powerful AI, or a staff member follows up, Business Messenger helps you customize the process to fit your business. 

Harmonize Human and AI-guided Processes

At TrueLark, we have the most intelligent automated communications management system on the market. (This isn’t merely advertising hype, we have the numbers to back it up.) Business Messenger builds on the solid foundation of our Virtual Receptionist.

Our platform has handled millions of calls every year since we introduced the first version in 2017. Across our client base, our AI consistently resolves 80% of calls without requiring a staff member to intervene. “Resolution” means that the guest is able to perform the desired task – such as booking an appointment – without one of your team members needing to step in and take over.

We know, however, that sometimes our AI can’t resolve the request. With Business Messenger, a team member can easily step in and engage personally, and then pass the conversation back to the AI. The transition is seamless for both the guest and the employee. Prevent conversations from falling through the cracks when transferred from a communications channel or staff member and back again.

Simplify Collaboration Across Teams

As your company grows, you may add products, services, and locations. Depending on your business model, you may keep them in house or outsource with contractors or support organizations. Regardless of your setup, each entity and their associated communications need to be managed. As any business owner knows, things can get complicated pretty quick. With TrueLark Business Messenger, all of your teams can collaborate on clients and conversations regardless of the communication channels. 

Don’t let communication complexity be an obstacle to expansion. Even if you are fortunate enough to achieve hypergrowth, Business Messenger will keep up without breaking a sweat.

What’s a Smart Task List?

For automation to be truly transformative, it needs to be guided by strategy. Business Messenger adds the brains to the automation, and the combination is significantly more powerful than the sum of its parts. Of the 20% of calls that require staff intervention, TrueLark Business Messenger organizes and prioritizes, creating a smart task list that makes your team more efficient – and more strategic – than you ever thought possible. If you’ve never been able to execute on a world-class service model due to sub-par tools or a small team, this is the breakthrough you’ve been waiting for. 

Instead of your team working chronologically through callbacks in your various channels – chatbot, voice message, SMS, call center – Business Messenger triages calls to maintain a dynamic list from all channels in real time. 

How does it prioritize your callbacks? During onboarding, we work with you to incorporate your business specific workflows into your TrueLark setup. Based on this and based on some preferences that you can set up, TrueLark determines the conditions that must be met for a call to be moved to the smart task list for follow-up. And, as explained, any time a staff member needs to intervene, once they’ve resolved the issue, they can pass the conversation back to TrueLark.

We can configure Business Messenger to handle a range of customer support architectures, including the most popular ones in the beauty and wellness and dental industries. For example, you can set it up to work with both a centrally managed call center as well as the front desk staff at your locations. With this level of customization, you can manage multiple locations and messaging platforms from one dashboard. 

We’re Always Getting Better

As the AI resolves requests based on your rules and monitors conversations that require intervention, it becomes more intelligent. Few platforms track goal completion in automated conversations like TrueLark does, let alone learn from the conversations where your staff member intervenes, to further customize the AI for your business. This prevents those platforms from learning from all interactions, limiting their potential for providing greater business value over time. In contrast, Business Messenger gets smarter at solving problems and refining its responses. As your business grows, you will be able to accommodate new customers and maintain the same level of quality service with increasing levels of automation.

Learn More About Business Messenger

Kudos to you if you’ve made it to the end of this article. We know it’s a lot to take in. If you’ve had disappointing experiences with inadequate communications management software, you may not realize what’s possible. We invite you to book a demo of Business Messenger so you can talk with one of our experts. Our software handles thousands of calls every day for beauty and wellness businesses and dental practices. Our clients have discovered they can trust the AI to take care of their customer communications. This frees them to focus on their guests and pursue new business opportunities.

We are pioneers in AI-lead visitor management and our solutions are helping the fastest-growing franchises strengthen their brands and refine their processes. No other AI engine achieves the level of automation our customers experience every day. In fact, none of the widely-used systems even track automation metrics, and we would like to explain why that’s the case. We look forward to answering your questions and showing Business Messenger in action. Schedule your demo today.

Note: this is the first article in our 5-part series on our new Business Messenger feature. See Win at Multichannel Customer Service for the second article.


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