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Our Story

 > TrueLark vs Mindbody Messenger[ai]

TrueLark vs Mindbody Messenger[ai]

Compare AI salon software for client interactions, appointment scheduling and customer experience.

Meaningful automation

TrueLark: Artificial Intelligence-guided communications platform that resolves the majority of conversations without staff involvement.

Mindbody Messenger[ai]: Limited AI capabilities that are triggered by keywords to navigate menu-driven experiences.

TrueLark client conversation automation dashboard

Continuous learning

TrueLark: Humans in the loop for continuous monitoring and bot upskilling. TrueLark AI gets smarter over time and continually delivers more value as it “learns” about your business.

Mindbody Messenger[ai]: Starts less capable and performance doesn’t improve. Can’t handle complex requests like multiple services and guests.

What our customers say

“I’ve just had such a great experience with you as a company. I don’t feel the same level of support from Mindbody, which is the company that created the other solution. If I’m not getting great support, why would I implement another product from them?”

“If it’s hard to book or if it sounds like a robot that you’re interacting with, it’s not going to go well. That’s not our voice. If you want your company to seem really smart, TrueLark does it for you.”

“Mindbody Messenger[ai] couldn’t differentiate between the two locations and was giving clients the option to book at the wrong location and sending clients to the wrong studio. So we went back to TrueLark which can handle booking for two locations with no problems.”

TrueLark vs Mindbody Messenger[ai]: In-depth Comparison

AI ChatbotArtificial Intelligence-guided communications platform for personalized client engagement via SMS and web chat.Messenger[ai] chatbot has limited capabilities compared to TrueLark's advanced AI technology. Most callers can't execute on the goal of the conversation and must wait for a callback.
Natural Language Processing (NLP)TrueLark leverages sophisticated NLP algorithms to understand and respond accurately to user queries, ensuring a more seamless and human-like experience.Messenger[ai] NLP is not as robust as TrueLark’s advanced technology which degrades the user experience and limits the level of automation.
Vendor SupportFull-service AI with humans in the loop for continuous monitoring and upskilling."Unmanned" bot service with branch-chain logic leading to poor outcomes.
Level of AutomationFully handles 80%+ of conversations which means the customer's request is resolved without staff involvement.Fails to resolve the majority of conversations and the customer has to wait for a callback. Requires staff involvement in nearly every engagement. Creates more, not less work for the staff.
Analytics and InsightsComprehensive real-time analytics and reporting. Tracks Call Handle rate, Booking Conversion rate, Additional Revenue Booked and Hours Saved.Doesn't track Call Handle or Booking Conversion rate which hinders staff's ability to optimize client communications and support processes.

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