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Our Story

How to Communicate with Clients During COVID-19 Above and Beyond Email

March 27, 2020

Communication is critical to keep your clients engaged and informed amongst business closures due to COVID-19. Our inboxes are being flooded with emails around how businesses are combatting the ever-changing landscape we’re experiencing. To make sure your message doesn’t get lost, consider other ways you can connect with your community above and beyond email. 

Call your Clients

Give your clients a call. Check-in and see how they are doing and how you can support them during this time. Maybe you’re a nail salon and your clients are wondering how to remove their acrylics or dip polish. Or perhaps you own a gym or fitness studio and your clients need access to equipment. Show your clients that you’re there for them. This also keeps an open line of communication for when you open your doors again. 

Reach out via Social Media

Send direct messages over Facebook or Instagram. Continue to post updates on what your business is going for your clients. You can even crowdsource these efforts, create challenges for your clients or ask them to share photos of how they are taking care of themselves during this time. 

Send a Text Message

Text messages typically see the highest engagement rates across different communication channels (89% or more!). Consider texting your clients about the following:

  • Updates on business closures/openings
  • Links to where they can purchase gift cards
  • Links to participate in GoFundMe campaigns
  • Links to purchase at-home products
  • Informational messaging about memberships or packages
  • General check-in to see how they are doing

Learn how TrueLark can help here.

Live Chat on your Website

Your clients may have a lot of questions around when your business is reopening or if you’re closed. These questions can come at all hours of the day and night. Having live chat on your website can assist in answering FAQs immediately for your clients without the strain on you or your staff.  

Happy Hours and Video Conferencing

Host a video conferencing happy hour or at-home spa night. Use tools like Zoom or Go-To-Meeting for free to connect with your community and to bring some connection back into your life! 

Leverage Automation Across all Channels

Your staff is a critical part of your business and community; however, with business closures and limited resources, leveraging automation has become even more critical to keep business communication strong. There are so many automation tools to help support if your sort staffed. 

You’re not alone in this. Have ideas or needs above and beyond what’s listed above? Let us know how we can help.


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