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Our Story

Introducing Automated Appointment Reminders

June 4, 2024

At TrueLark, we understand how vital it is to maintain a well-organized schedule while ensuring your clients never miss an appointment. That’s why we’re excited to introduce our new automated Appointment Reminders. This innovative feature can streamline your appointment management process and reduce no-shows.

We developed Appointment Reminders with input from clients who were frustrated with tools that caused more work than they saved. Our clients asked for an Appointment Reminders feature that handles the entire appointment process seamlessly.

Ensure clients never forget an appointment

Our automated Appointment Reminders ensure your clients never forget their appointments. With up to three personalized SMS reminders, your clients will always be informed. No more manual calls or texts to confirm appointments – TrueLark AI takes care of it all for you.

Customize your reminder process

TrueLark Appointment Reminders are fully customizable to fit your business needs. Set the cadence of reminders by service type and include pre-appointment notes with your guests. Whether you need to remind clients about a dental cleaning, a spa treatment, or a consultation, you can tailor the reminders to suit different services, ensuring a convenient and personalized client experience.

Comprehensive appointment management

Unlike other confirmation tools, TrueLark’s Appointment Reminders allow guests to confirm, reschedule, or cancel appointments directly through text message. This flexibility helps keep your calendar filled without the hassle of phone tag, reducing no-shows and improving overall efficiency.

Share pre-appointment details

Clear communication is key to avoiding confusion, especially regarding late reschedule and cancellation policies. TrueLark’s Appointment Reminders automatically share these details with every guest, ensuring they are well-informed before their appointment. Additionally, appointment statuses are updated in real-time in your scheduling platform, providing you with the most current information at all times.

Available now!

Appointment Reminders are add-on feature available to new and existing clients on supported platforms:

  • Dentrix
  • Eaglesoft
  • Open Dental
  • Denticon
  • Curve
  • Booker
  • Restore POW
  • Zenoti
  • MyTime
  • Boulevard
  • Meevo
  • Phorest

Get started today

By leveraging the power of TrueLark AI, you can enhance your client engagement, reduce no-shows, and maintain a fully booked calendar without the administrative burden.

Ready to see our Appointment Reminders in action? Schedule a demo at today and discover how TrueLark can help streamline client communication and appointment management.


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