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Front Desk Software: How to Use the Top 20 AI Features

August 11, 2023

Maintaining high standards of customer service can be an uphill battle. Especially if you’re trying to scale. AI-powered front desk software is the game-changer in this scenario. Its array of features can revolutionize beauty, spa, med spa, and dental businesses. for

1. AI-led Scheduling: Booking Reimagined

Gone are the days of manual appointment scheduling. AI-led scheduling ensures your clients book the appointments they desire without any hassle. This not only saves time but also guarantees a smoother booking experience for both clients and staff. In this video, a TrueLark client explains how her clients love booking with TrueLark.

2. Multi-Service Requests: “No Problem, We Can Do That”

Streamline the booking process for clients seeking multiple services in a single visit. Full-service AI scheduling capabilities make it possible to cater to these complex requests. while maximizing convenience and minimizing complexities.

3. Custom Booking Rules: You’re the Boss

Personalization meets efficiency with custom booking rules. Tailor your booking guidelines to align with your business’s needs. This grants you control while offering clients the flexibility they expect.

4. Text-to-Book: Meet Clients Where They Are

Meet your clients where they are – on their phones. The convenience of text messaging meets the efficiency of AI-powered appointment booking. Text-to-Book lets clients manage their appointments the way they manage everything in their life. No muss, no fuss.

5. Comprehensive Analytics: Know Your Numbers

AI doesn’t only simplify operations; it empowers data-driven growth. Real-time insights allow you to make informed decisions that drive your enterprise forward. Track Bookings, Conversation Handle rate, Booking Conversions Rate and Revenue Booked.

6. Lead Engagement: Increase Conversions

Stop missing opportunities with automated lead engagement responses. Capture and engage potential clients seamlessly through SMS. Ensure that no potential business slips through the cracks. Plus, maximize the ROI of your digital marketing spend.

In this video, a TrueLark client explains how immediate lead follow-up helped achieve a 30% – 40% lead conversion rate.

7. Web Chat Integration: Convert Website Visitors

Engage with visitors in real-time, answering questions and guiding them towards making appointments. The same conversational AI engine powers both the chatbot and SMS. Plus, you can manage all interactions from one dashboard.

8. Prioritized Callback List: Work Smarter, Not Harder

Instead of shuffling through all conversations, see a follow-up list prioritized by level of urgency. Assign callbacks to team members for hassle-free collaboration. A dynamic callback list ensures that no client is left behind and you can follow-up on the most important issues first.

9. AI-to-Agent Handoff: Harmonizing Automation and Human Processes

Seamlessly transition complex queries from AI to human agents with Bot-to-Agent Handoff. Your team member can step in, resolve an issue and then let the AI take it from there. This flexibility ensures a seamless and personalized client experience. The guest doesn’t need to wait for a callback or switch communication channels. To our knowledge, TrueLark Business Messenger is the only platform with this feature.

10. Omnichannel: Centralizing Client Communications

Efficiency meets consistency with Omnichannel. Centralize client communications across various platforms. Enhance efficiency and ensure every client interaction is uniform and aligned with your brand. Manage them in a single dashboard that can be accessed from anywhere.

11. Chat Transcripts: Document Every Touchpoint

Chat Transcripts provide a record of client interactions. You’ll never need to start from scratch and your guests will appreciate not having to bring you up to speed every time they contact your business.

12. Message Customization: Ensure Your Brand Voice Shines Through

Tailor your messages with Message Customization to reflect your brand’s unique personality. This personalized touch creates a distinctive client experience. Ensure your brand is consistent across your channels: social media, website, digital ads, web chat, and SMS.

13. Booking Platform Integration: Unifying Appointment Management

Experience a unified client management system through Booking Platform Integration. Sync with popular booking platforms, ensuring a cohesive approach to managing bookings and client data. Customers can book through SMS, web chat or your online booking platform. All systems talk to each other while you focus on the onsite experience.

14. CRM Integration: A Holistic View of Client Journeys

Most leads do not require human touch to convert. Let AI lead engagement handle the first pass conversions. You don’t need to waste staff time on them. Then, use your CRM to nurture the remaining leads. By syncing client data, you can leverage the complementary strengths of both systems.

15. POS Integration: Streamlining Payments and Checkouts

The payment process is key to the overall client experience. Efficiently manage payments and streamline the checkout process with POS Integration. Guests can access the payment system through SMS or Web Chat inside or outside of business hours.

16. Marketing Agency Integration: Align Engagement Strategies

Effortlessly collaborate with your marketing agency through Marketing Agency Integration. Align your engagement strategies and prevent duplicate efforts. Track conversions across all campaigns, and consolidate booking analytics.

17. Multi-Location Support: Simplify Your Network

Multi-Location Support streamlines managing multiple business locations. Maintain consistent service quality and operational excellence across all your establishments. TrueLark supports franchise networks (at both the corporate and franchisee levels), multi-unit businesses and Dental Support Organizations (DSOs).

18. Call Center Software Integration: The Efficiency Breakthrough You’ve Been Waiting For

Integrate your call center operations for a unified client support process. Manage all client interactions across all communication channels. Customize support workflows to align with existing processes and ease the administrative burden for your front desk teams.

19. Industry-Trained AI: Precision and Relevance

TrueLark’s industry-specific AI training ensures interactions are accurate and relevant. We’ve trained our engines on over a million beauty, fitness and dental conversations. This specialized knowledge enhances client engagement and satisfaction. TrueLark is supported by a team of AI experts that monitor your platform and fill any gaps. This means the level of automation will rise as the engine learns to handle increasingly complex issues.

20. Outreach: Bulk SMS Promotions

Mass text your client base in a couple easy steps with Outreach. Discover the art of tailoring your marketing approach in real-time, responding to trends and demands for maximum impact.


The TrueLark customer experience platform contains all of these features. From personalized scheduling to seamless integrations, TrueLark offers a comprehensive suite of tools for the wellness/beauty/fitness industries as well as dental practices and DSOs. Schedule a demo to learn how to level-up customer engagement and operational efficiency.


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