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Our Story

Does Your Client Comms Platform Prioritize Follow-Up Calls?

February 2, 2023

Welcome to the third post in our Business Messenger series. Since our new offering is such a game changer, we need more than one article to do it justice. Today, we’re focusing on call prioritization.

Before we continue, note that we organize the main Business Messenger capabilities as follows:

  1. Consolidates all customer calls in your TrueLark account and allows you to follow up using the same channel from which the client contacted your business (we discuss this in detail here: Win at Multichannel Customer Service)
  2. Maintains a smart list of prioritized callbacks and updates it in real time
  3. Allows you to pause auto-response when needed, resolve a single issue, and then hand the conversation back to the AI
  4. Integrates with any configuration of customer support architecture

Now, let’s dive into #2, customer follow-up prioritization.

Our AI Has Many Talents

At TrueLark, we are pushing the boundaries of AI to help you automate more customer service processes. While our conversational AI engages naturally with clients and prospects, our technology has many more applications. Organizing your callback queue based on urgency is a perfect example.
Instead of combing through conversations on multiple communications platforms, Business Messenger maintains a dynamic, prioritized list of customer follow-ups in your TrueLark dashboard.
(Remember, also, that since our AI fully handles the majority of calls, the list of follow-ups is short and sweet.)

Prioritization = Growth

If you’re like a lot of small business owners, you wear many hats. For example, you may provide services directly to customers, manage marketing and do the accounting. If this is the case, you probably only have a few minutes during the day to make follow-up calls. This is unfortunate because adding new customers or booking more appointments for existing clients is the only way you can grow. And each minute of delay increases the chance that you won’t turn a prospect into a paying customer or retain an existing one. Business Messenger ensures that you address the most important issues (and guests) first. While this makes perfect sense, it’s surprising how many business owners don’t have a way to organize their callback list. That’s because other communications platforms don’t tackle this problem.

Save a Heck of a Lot of Time

In addition to making you more effective, Business Messenger saves time. Let’s do some math to illustrate this. Suppose you have five messaging platforms. You spend 10 minutes per platform twice a day to log into each system and sift through the conversations to identify who you need to call back. That’s 100 minutes (or an hour and 20 minutes) per day. 100 minutes per day equals 600 minutes in a six-day week, or 10 hours. (We hope you take at least one day off each week!) 10 hours per week is roughly 520 hours each year. Keep in mind that this doesn’t take the actual calling time into account – just the time spent compiling your callback list. Like we mentioned in the intro, Business Messenger is a game changer.

One Dashboard to Rule Them All

Now let’s explore other advantages. First of all, you only need to check the conversations in your TrueLark inbox because Business Messenger consolidates messages from all of your platforms. Chatbots, SMS, contact center software or automated voice response systems – you name it, we integrate. That’s right. Just one dashboard.

Your Callbacks Won’t Have Chatbot Fatigue

Secondly, the guests you need to call back have a fairly involved issue that requires your personal assistance. (Remember, our powerful AI fully resolves up to 80% of calls.) They haven’t left an idiotic chatbot because it can’t understand a simple request. And they haven’t been screaming at an IVR that is just as unhelpful as the chatbot. (Let me talk to a REAL human!)

You call them back, solve their issue, hopefully turn them into a paying client and let them get on with their day. That lets you get on with your day as well.

We Don’t Set it and Forget it

Thirdly, the reason our Artificial Intelligence is actually intelligent is that it’s supported by an elite team with decades of cumulative experience. When our AI gets stuck, our specialists teach it to solve the issue next time it comes up. A philosophy and culture of continual improvement has set TrueLark apart since we launched our first product.

Grow Your Business With a Small, Nimble Team

In addition, Business Messenger helps you operate with a lean and flexible team. It’s no secret that hiring has been difficult and expensive for years and looks to remain that way for the foreseeable future. But that doesn’t need to stifle your growth. TrueLark Business Messenger empowers a small customer service team to support an increasingly larger customer base while improving the level of service. Customer support automation may be the most reliable tool for growth you adopt this year – as long as you choose your solution wisely.

“If TrueLark AI is that powerful, it must cost a fortune, right?”

At this point, you’re probably wondering how much it costs. The good news here is that our life’s work is to democratize AI for local businesses – like salons, spas, gyms and dental practices. Business Messenger added to our AI Virtual Receptionist costs less than 10% of a new staff hire. When you measure cost per hour saved, it’s around 12 bucks. (Schedule a demo and we’ll give you a personalized quote.)

Compare Our ROI

Of course, value is more important than price and we outshine our competitors here as well. TrueLark Virtual Receptionist with Business Messenger books more appointments. That translates directly to increased revenue and, therefore, increased value. In fact, TrueLark ROI is around 20:1. If you’re shopping for a solution, make sure you get data on ROI before you make your choice. You can also plug your numbers into our ROI Calculator.

The bottom line is that as operating costs continue to climb, TrueLark provides increasingly more business value.

To summarize, TrueLark Business Messenger allows you to:

  1. Make all callbacks from one smart inbox (your TrueLark dashboard)
  2. See your queue of follow-up calls sorted by level of urgency
  3. Run your business with a small team without compromising service
  4. Consolidate calls from disparate communications channels
  5. Quickly step into a conversation, solve an issue and pass it back to the AI (we discuss this in detail in next week’s post)

Interested? Schedule your Business Messenger consultation and demo today.

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