Self care isn’t exclusively for your
clients, let us take care of you

Beauty & Wellness

You work hard. Administrative work like answering phone calls can distract you from what you love to do, your craft! Let us give you the gift of time by hiring Sasha.

Sasha is a remarkably human-like business assistant. She is everything you’d want in your next hire: a team-player, eager to help you and your staff provide the best experience for your clients. She is available 24/7, is capable of learning your business and remembers your clients' preferences.

A conversational AI, that integrates into your booking software to enable you to do your best work with the tools you already use. With a setup process as fast as a bikini wax.

Never miss a call again

If your business doesn’t answer, a competitor's business might

Boost your revenue by 30%+

Within the first few weeks of using True Lark

Build stronger relationships

A personalized client experience that will lead to better retention and relationships