How TrueLark Can Help

As the coronavirus situation evolves, businesses are having to react and adapt. Here are a few ways TrueLark can help with evolving customer communication needs and assist some businesses that are innovating on their approach to business during this otherwise uncertain times: 

  • If you are operating business as usual but would like to ask customers questions to qualify their health (e.g. ‘are you running a temperature’, ‘have you been traveling’) before they book, contact Customer Success. 
  • If you are closing for a few weeks and would like help canceling your existing appointments and letting customers know about these cancellations, contact Customer Success. 
  • If you are temporarily transitioning to mobile or home services, make sure your Booking Software preferences are updated with all staff emails and phone numbers, so that mobile staff can also receive all notifications while TrueLark coordinates bookings for you. Please reach out to Customer Success to learn about applicability, setup, etc. 
  • If you are moving to online classes and are on our Ultimate service plan, TrueLark can text a URL link to your customers letting them know where to access your online class. Reach out to Customer Success to learn more. 

Specifically, your customers may have many new questions regarding how your business has responded to this pandemic.

Prep TrueLark for customer communications

We recommend providing responses to the following FAQs to enable TrueLark to respond accurately to these new questions. Here are some common questions we are already seeing across multiple businesses in the industry:

  1. Are you still open for business due given the coronavirus?
  2. Are you modifying your schedule?
  3. What precautions are you taking to prevent the spread of germs?
  4. Will you charge to reschedule or cancel during this period?
  5. Have your staff been trained to take all the necessary precautions?
  6. Can I bring my kids in (schools have shut down)?

Simply respond to this email and provide us with answers to these and any other questions your customers may have and our team will take care of the rest!


TrueLark has your back 

In the coming weeks, your staff may need to take some extra time off, and managing this can be a challenge at your business. Please rest assured that TrueLark will step up in every way possible to help your staff and customers 24/7.

Please reach out to us with any questions you have or needs we can help meet.