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Our Story

What is the Role of AI Communications at a DSO-Affiliated Practice?

February 21, 2024


Recently joined a DSO?

Today’s post is for dental front office teams who are in the process of transitioning from a solo practice to a DSO or MSO. We want to address misconceptions that can prevent you from getting the most value from an AI communications platform like TrueLark.

First, some background. At TrueLark, we serve Dental Support Organizations with our AI communications solutions. To deploy TrueLark across a network of practices, we begin by working with the DSO corporate team. A typical DSO team includes the COO, CTO and others involved in operations. When TrueLark is configured at the corporate level, we begin working with practice front desk teams as each individual location is onboarded.

Setting the stage for a smooth transition

We excel at white glove onboarding and ongoing support. Yet our team frequently encounters misconceptions among front desk staff that can impede the transition. To fully unlock the immediate benefits of TrueLark and achieve a rapid return on investment, it is imperative for front desk staff to grasp these points:

  • TrueLark is not a threat to your jobs; instead, it is designed to significantly enhance the efficiency of your roles.
  • TrueLark will alleviate the substantial workload associated with managing patient phone calls.
  • Trust in our AI’s capability to consistently deliver high-quality patient service.
  • The adoption of TrueLark by your DSO is not an implication that your team is incapable of handling every phone call – a feat no team can accomplish.

Clear communication and setting expectations pave the way for a swift and straightforward onboarding process. Our platform is not only intuitive but also exceptionally user-friendly. Teams that wholeheartedly embrace TrueLark quickly grasp its benefits, often expressing disbelief at having operated without it for so long.

Let’s delve deeper into the issues listed previously.

Patient communications automation is not a threat

Instead of welcoming a tool that will make their lives easier, in some cases, front office teams perceive it as a threat to their jobs. Or they worry that the DSO is unhappy with the quality of their patient support –specifically their handling of phone calls. When a team doesn’t trust TrueLark AI to take phone calls, the staff may double down on answering every phone call, creating unnecessary stress and, in many cases, causing them to shortchange onsite patients.

In fact, missing calls is perfectly acceptable, especially when a staff member is assisting the patient in front of them. Being placed on hold can be a frustrating and negative experience for patients. It’s crucial to understand that TrueLark is designed to complement and enhance existing workflows, not replace them. TrueLark helps the practice better serve patients. This helps the DSO thrive, strengthening job security for everyone.

Stop putting patients on hold

TrueLark’s AI chatbot ensures that no call goes unanswered, even when the front desk is busy with patients. Patients can receive immediate assistance with appointment scheduling, rescheduling, cancellations, and answers to frequently asked questions, all through text message or web chat. This not only frees up the staff to focus on the patients in front of them, but also eliminates the need to put callers on hold, providing a more positive patient experience.

Understanding the dynamics

In a solo practice, the admin staff has a seemingly endless list of duties. Responsibilities include greeting patients, maintaining patient records, managing the appointment calendar, coordinating employee schedules, billing patients, dealing with insurance providers and ordering supplies. When a practice joins a DSO or MSO, and the parent company starts upending processes, it’s natural for the staff to feel swamped and unsure. We get it.

It’s helpful to understand the clash of perspectives:

  1. Differing Priorities:
    • DSOs prioritize efficiency and profitability, introducing automation like TrueLark.
    • Front desk staff, already overloaded, may view new tech as adding work, not relieving it.
  2. Misunderstandings:
    • Staff underestimate missed calls, making them less receptive to AI communications solutions.
    • DSOs seeking improved workflows may be misinterpreted as critiquing existing staff performance.
  3. Roles and Communication Gaps:
    • Doctors may not consider tech adoption on behalf of their staff.
    • Lack of communication about DSO initiatives and their benefits can contribute to resistance.

As mentioned, open communication and clear explanations can bridge this gap and make the transition smoother.


If you’re a member of a front desk team at a practice recently acquired by a DSO, we hope we’ve dispelled misconceptions about the role of AI communications like TrueLark. At the end of the day, smart automation provides a remarkable advantage for admin staff. By reducing manual call handling, front desk teams that use TrueLark save hundreds of hours every month. (We know this because TrueLark tracks hours saved.) Moreover, they can provide better service to a larger patient base.

Want to learn more about the leading DSO patient communication solution? Schedule a TrueLark demo today.


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