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Our Story

Where Does TrueLark AI Fit in Your DSO Tech Stack?

December 11, 2023


The potential benefits of Artificial Intelligence (AI) for DSOs are limitless and those that embrace this technology promptly will secure a competitive edge. Today’s post is for DSO executives and PE firms seeking to acquire AI for dental patient communication. While knowing what a platform does is crucial, it’s just as important to understand its compatibility and integration with existing architecture.

In the article, we’ll explain:

  1. What TrueLark AI is and how it works
  2. Why it is the only full-service AI solution in the dental industry
  3. How it integrates into a DSO tech ecosystem

What is TrueLark?

The TrueLark platform for DSOs is an AI-powered patient communication tool, distinctively engineered for the dental industry. It automates communication and booking procedures for DSOs and other group practice models. TrueLark’s intelligent algorithm learns from interactions to understand the context and respond accordingly, providing a seamless communication experience that is similar to human interaction.

The platform can:

  • Manage inbound and outbound communication
  • Schedule appointments
  • Confirm dental insurance providers
  • Perform cancellations and reschedules
  • Educate patients on financing options
  • Let patients access the payment system

It functions 24/7, ensuring no opportunity is missed due to time constraints or call volume. With TrueLark, DSOs are able to deliver personalized and immediate responses to patient inquiries.

TrueLark is Not…

Before we go into more detail, let’s clear up some common misconceptions. TrueLark is not:

  • PMS
  • Patient forms
  • Reputation management
  • Email marketing
  • Call monitoring

TrueLark integrates into these systems (or will in the future), but does not replace them. (Current TrueLark integration partners include Dentrix, NexHealth, Open Dental, Planet DDS, and Patient Prism.)

TrueLark AI + DSO tech stack

Omnichannel Triggers

To better understand TrueLark’s integration with a DSO tech stack, let’s explore its use of triggers. These triggers, which involve integrations with a variety of tools and workflows, prompt the TrueLark AI engine to initiate conversations with patients:

  • Missed calls and voicemail
  • Direct text
  • Web chat
  • SMS campaigns
  • Lead form submission
  • Appointment confirmation

The Power of a Full-Service AI System in Dental Communications

When TrueLark is activated by a trigger from an integrated system or process, its advanced AI technology takes charge of the conversation. As the most sophisticated AI in the dental industry, TrueLark excels at resolving a broad spectrum of scenarios autonomously, distinguishing it as the sole full-service AI in this field.

What do we mean by “full-service?”A full-service AI solution has extensive training on millions of actual patient conversations. This training, meticulously carried out by a skilled team of technologists, has equipped TrueLark to successfully manage over six million calls to date. Its proficiency in comprehending a vast array of phrases and subtle language variations enables it to accurately identify patient intentions. This capability allows TrueLark to perform complex tasks that standard chatbots struggle with, such as arranging appointments for multiple family members.

TrueLark AI:

  • Handles the vast majority of conversations without needing staff intervention
  • Has a high task completion rate enabled by deep integrations with dental PMS
  • Performance continuously and automatically improves over time

The Critical Role of a Specialized Technologist Team

In today’s digital world, many companies have shifted towards self-service onboarding and training. In contrast, TrueLark offers a hands-on, white-glove onboarding process. This approach is particularly crucial in the complex landscape of dental technology, where businesses often face challenges due to a lack of standardization and the need to integrate multiple standalone tools. TrueLark’s onboarding ensures that each DSO can seamlessly integrate the AI platform into their unique tech ecosystem.

Customization and Training

TrueLark works closely with the DSO at both the management and individual practice level to understand its specific needs, tech stack composition, and workflows. This in-depth analysis allows TrueLark to tailor the AI platform to fit within the existing infrastructure, ensuring a smooth transition without disrupting the current workflow.

Dedicated Support and Expertise

Unlike self-service models, TrueLark provides dedicated support throughout the onboarding process and beyond. Whether it’s customizing the AI to handle specific types of patient queries or integrating with a particular practice management system, TrueLark ensures that the final setup aligns with the business’s specific objectives. When it’s up and running, TrueLark continues to optimize the platform as shown in the graphic below.

TrueLark full-service AI for DSOs


DSOs and PE firms in the DSO space can feel confident in their transition to an AI-enhanced operation, knowing they have a team of experts guiding them every step of the way. This approach not only eases the integration process but also helps in achieving a higher adoption rate among staff members.

Measuring Performance and Automation

The platform’s sophistication is also evident in its ability to track Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and report on the level of automation achieved. With an impressive Call Handled rate, TrueLark can automate a significant portion of patient calls, freeing up staff time and streamlining DSO operations.

Limitations of Traditional Chatbots

Let’s talk for a moment about another communications solution marketed to DSOs – conventional chatbots. Why do they fall short in comparison to TrueLark in dental AI technology?

  1. Off-the-shelf chatbots can’t handle complex requests
  2. They provide a poor experience for the patient
  3. They create more, not less, work for the staff

Cost-Effectiveness of Full-Service AI in Your DSO Tech Stack

In the long term, TrueLark’s AI solution proves more cost-effective than basic chatbots. Its comprehensive capabilities reduce the need for additional front desk or call center staff. This delivers a higher return on investment through improved efficiency and patient retention.


In sum up, TrueLark’s full-service AI system represents a significant advancement in dental communications, offering unparalleled capabilities and benefits. Key characteristics include:

  • Autonomous Conversation Handling: TrueLark’s AI takes over conversations triggered by integrated systems, handling a broad range of scenarios independently.
  • Extensive Training on Patient Conversations: The platform is trained on millions of real patient conversations, enabling it to manage over six million calls effectively.
  • Advanced Understanding of Language: TrueLark can comprehend a wide variety of phrases and nuances, allowing it to discern patient intentions and handle complex interactions.
  • Specialized Technologist Team: A dedicated team provides a hands-on, white-glove onboarding process, ensuring personalized integration and training.
  • Seamless Integration with Existing Tech Ecosystem: The AI platform is tailored to fit within each DSO’s unique infrastructure without disrupting workflows.
  • Performance Tracking and Automation: The platform’s ability to track KPIs and automate a significant portion of patient calls streamlines operations and enhances efficiency.
  • Superior to Traditional Chatbots: TrueLark’s full-service AI surpasses the capabilities of standard chatbots, offering a more cost-effective solution with comprehensive capabilities that enhance efficiency and patient retention.
  • Proactive Ongoing Support: After implementation, the TrueLark team continues to actively identify and address any operational gaps. They work collaboratively with DSO staff to refine the platform, especially in scenarios where it encounters unresolved issues, training it to handle similar situations in the future. This proactive approach guarantees that the platform consistently adds more value to the DSO and supports rapid scaling and expansion.

To schedule a demo and discuss TrueLark pricing for DSOs, visit TrueLark Demo.

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