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Our Story

Think Differently: Alternatives to Hiring Staff

June 15, 2020

COVID19 has challenged business owners to think differently. From diversifying revenue streams, offering online content, to changing operational best practices, this is an opportunity to reimagine how business gets done. For many business owners, staffing is one area of operations that can drastically change to better accommodate COVID restrictions and reduce financial resources. 

If you’re holding off on hiring your staff back, have limited access to staff, or want to reduce your staff expenses here are a few alternatives to hiring staff to support your fitness, beauty, wellness, or dental business. 


Call Centers

If you’re considering a call center or already have a call center service in place, there is no doubt you understand the value of 24/7 customer support and the challenges that come with scaling that support internally. Call centers provide phone support without having to hire internal staff. This can help you save time in training and minimize the number of people within your business. 

Considering a call center? 

Review our blog: The Biggest Problem With Call Centers, And How You Can Fix It.


Custom Apps

Custom booking applications can provide support by increasing your brand exposure and giving your clients more access to your business. This can reduce the number of hours your staff or you have to spend supporting current members with scheduling needs. 

The scope of booking apps is limited to scheduling and one-way communication through push notifications. These apps also tend to benefit current clients and can be valuable in building a loyal client base; however, they tend to be less accessible to new clients.

Consider a custom app?

Review our blog: It’s 2020: Why no one wants your app anymore for additional considerations.


Online Booking

Similar to booking apps, online booking via your website can reduce the number of hours your staff or you have to spend supporting current members with scheduling needs. Online booking can be more accessible to new clients than a custom app. It is a quick easy way for clients to book if they know what services they’re looking for and don’t have any questions.

Many clients enjoy the ability to schedule their services without having to pick up the phone and call. Depending on how many services your business offers, online booking can see usability challenges related to long service lists or a lack of personalization when booking. These problems are only amplified if a client is browsing your website from their phone. For example, you might want to recommend a certain class or service to a new client vs. a returning client. Your ability to do this online is limited. 



TrueLark is a remarkably human-like Business Assistant that has the ability to automate a majority of the tasks that your front desk typically manages. TrueLark will turn missed communication via phone, text, live chat, or form submission into opportunities. Instant responses that allow clients to initiate and drive the conversation by asking “How can I help you?”. Providing empathic responses around-the-clock that will embody the personality of your favorite staff member.

An all-in-one tool that can provide your business with the same benefits as the solutions above and beyond. TrueLark can work alongside your staff or can replace your front desk staff entirely (See how Sensory Fitness in Miami used TrueLark to save $30k/year).

If you are looking for more ideas on how to operate your business without hiring more staff, schedule a consultation with us today. 


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