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Our Story

2023 AI Buzz: Overhyped or Game Changer?

May 9, 2023


As a provider of Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered communications solutions, we are tuned into the world of AI. In the past six months, AI awareness has skyrocketed. In today’s post, we want to address this unique moment in history.

First off, it’s important to understand that AI is already disrupting every industry, including the industries we serve: dental, beauty, wellness, and fitness

You can think of AI as an artificial brain that can perform tasks that usually require a human brain. Because an AI engine can quickly process massive amounts of data, it can complete tasks in a split-second.

AI Advanced Steadily and Then Exploded

Over the last few years, there has been a steady increase in both the capabilities of AI as well as business adoption. Large Language Models have been used in various apps and incorporated into tools that have Natural Language Processing (NLP). 

Enter ChatGPT, the Most Successful App of All Time

On November 30, 2022, San Francisco–based firm OpenAI introduced ChatGPT. (The company also created the popular DALL. E 2). Unless you’ve been offline for the past seven months, you are probably aware that ChatGPT has taken off like a rocket. By December 4, 2022, ChatGPT had over one million users. The website reached one billion visits in February and 1.6 billion visits in March 2023. (Nerdy Nav)

Why is ChatGPT Such a Big Deal?

ChatGPT and similar tools can understand natural language at a human level. Because these models have been trained on trillions of lines of digital content – including websites, blog posts, and wiki-type articles – they can generate contextually relevant human-like pieces of content. 

The diversity of topics and the sheer volume of information that these models are trained on, makes them more well-informed than any human can ever hope to be! It is the combination of human-level language understanding, training using vast amounts of data on pretty much any topic relevant to humans, and the ability to generate human-grade responses makes this a watershed moment. Certainly, there is going to be a significant increase in the level of penetration and variety of applications for AI.

What Does it Mean for Local Business Owners?

Simply put, using AI can transform how you operate your business. Though you are probably already using AI in many of your platforms, the technology will become even more powerful. Tech companies are already incorporating state-of-the-industry AI in business software for companies of all sizes.

Importantly, with the level of automation and integration, AI will be able provide insights and analytics that will help business owners drive successful outcomes. 

Key benefits of AI for local businesses include:

  1. Improving customer service
  2. Increasing revenue conversion from marketing
  3. Generating analytics to help businesses make data-informed decisions

How Will AI Impact the Workplace?

Increased automation and fewer human-led tasks will change the way companies operate. AI (like ChatGPT and others) will perform at par or better than the average human, raising the bar for human performance. For example, AI will lower operating costs of call centers by making them more productive. Even software developers will adopt AI to assist them with programming tasks, which will slow the rate of hiring within their team.

Businesses and workers need to adapt to incorporate AI into their workflows. The most successful businesses will figure out how to use AI as a co-pilot to improve productivity and quality.

TrueLark AI Guidance for Local Businesses

We recommend that businesses create an automation strategy that includes carefully-crafted AI. For all the advances and magic that AI like ChatGPT brings, it can also make errors and introduce bias. This can lead to unsatisfactory experiences and even unfair practices. Having humans in the loop for adequate review and accurate feedback is the only way to address these issues. We also recommend using a narrow set of well-defined use cases first, and then gradually expanding the scope of AI automation.

To recap:

  1. Continuously review AI-produced content before incorporating into an automated workflow
  2. Keep the scope of AI application in well-defined, narrow use cases that can be monitored and regulated
  3. Develop policies for evaluating and using AI-powered tools and vendors to prevent inaccuracies, bias, security breaches, lack of transparency and legal risks

Since 2017, at TrueLark, we’ve specialized in building AI for the dental, beauty, wellness and fitness industries. Our clients use our AI to increase revenue, improve productivity and elevate their guest or patient experience. We also provide you the “humans in the loop” needed to continuously monitor, review and adjust your AI. This helps you meet your business and customer needs. In conclusion, we know you care about your customers and take pride in building AI that represents the best version of you and your business.

We would love to show you what our AI-powered client communications platform can do for your business. To schedule a demo visit TrueLark AI.


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