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How to Increase Revenue in Short-Staffed Salons

February 8, 2022


Lead Engage – The Secret to Increasing Revenue in Short-Staffed Salons 

In today’s consumer-driven market, customers naturally have high expectations of the services and products they spend their money and time on. For local businesses like salons, it is important to focus on the success factors like quick response times, personalized experiences, and flawless customer service. However, when challenging times lead to unplanned short staffing, it can be easy for things to fall through the cracks.

Though beauty and wellness businesses are booming, as a salon owner, you might be experiencing a shortage of skilled professionals or front desk staff who can ensure business continuity for you. This can lead to a poor customer experience, causing valuable customers to look elsewhere for the service they need. 

Businesses cannot afford to lose potential or loyal customers, because any business lost today is business lost for a long time to come. 

So, how can a salon overcome this issue? 

At TrueLark, we firmly believe that the solution lies in employing only the core resources you need and outsourcing the rest to the right technology solutions, like Artificial Intelligence-based tools. AI is gaining traction in the beauty and wellness industry, starting with automating manual processes that are repetitive but crucial for customer conversion. As a result, the number of use-cases and sophistication in the use of the technology is growing every day.

For a beauty and wellness business, the front desk staff is a precious resource – in addition to keeping everything organized and running smoothly, the first person in touch with a potential client is your front desk staff. So, front desk staff can make or break a potential sale. Likewise, if the customer is looking into your business as an inquiry, the front desk staff is the first person they will encounter.  

In a people-focused business like yours, artificial intelligence is beneficial to automate and simplify admin tasks. An AI solution can be used as your staff’s virtual assistant, freeing up their time for other important tasks and emergencies.

Why Lead Engage?

TrueLark’s Lead Engage contacts prospective clients immediately via text when they submit a marketing form, helping them to schedule an appointment. This happens immediately, 24/7. In other words, it accomplishes more and bothers you less than any other product in the market.

Lead Engage addresses some of the biggest conversion challenges for salons. For instance, it instantly follows up with every lead to ensure that you don’t lose business to a competitor. It is nearly impossible for human staff to ensure immediate response times for every lead, but with TrueLark’s Lead Engage, even short-staffed salons can respond to leads on time and book more appointments.

Over time, automating your lead follow-up with Lead Engage frees up your staff so they can focus on your clients and their experience. It takes the burden of daily tasks off their plate so that they can give their full attention to their job. Everybody wins – especially you as a business owner, as 85% of missed call customers never try to contact the salon again. This is an efficient way to catch potentially lost revenue while maintaining your standard for customer service.

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