Customer Support

Delight Your Customers

Give your customers 24/7 support without hiring more staff. TrueLark is available to speak with your customers day and night answering FAQs, booking appointments, and so much more. Responding within seconds of customer outreach.

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Handles customer inquiries 24/7

Sasha engages your clients immediately after a missed call, text, form submission, or live web chat.

Personalized & Consistent

Increase revenue and retention by matching clients with the right pricing option and service in your brand's unique voice.

Empathic Responses

Sasha understands provides empathic responses around-the-clock that will embody the personality of your favorite staff member.


TrueLark can handle FAQs that your clients have. Free up your staff and your time while delivering delightful customer service via text messaging, providing an immediate response.

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Scheduling (book, change, cancel)

Allow your clients to schedule services over text message conversation. Clients can book, cancel, or update their services through natural human-like conversations. TrueLark's Business Assistant will sync with your book software to assist with payment collection and scheduling.

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Scheduling Filters

Allows you to filter when booking classes or appointments via TrueLark. Book before or after a specific time, block bookings for an entire day, book services at preferred time slots, etc.

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Location Routing

Sasha will ask which location your clients are seeking to visit and remember their preferences moving forward. Ensuring that your clients get the local information they need and the best experience possible.

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More ways to use True Lark


The communication metrics you need to grow your business. Daily reporting will provide a deeper understanding of how many customers are reaching out to you, how engaged they are and why are they reaching out.

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Task Automation

Reduce redundant tasks that take you away from what matters most. Your time is valuable. Use it wisely without reducing productivity.

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Sales & Marketing

Automated marketing tools automatically follow up with clients immediately via text after they submit a form or response to marketing message— giving you the comfort of knowing that warm leads never go cold again.

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