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How to Run Your Booking Software on Autopilot and Generate More Revenue

June 13, 2022


You are probably missing opportunities even if you use online booking software. Many people will not take the time to go to your website and book an appointment themselves. They prefer to call or text for appointments. If you cannot get back to them right away, it frustrates your clients and could cost you a booking.

An artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled virtual front desk assistant can handle your bookings 24/7 regardless of how clients and prospects contact you. This means you will never miss a call, text, chat, or lead submission at your salon or spa. These are just some of the benefits of deploying an online booking software solution, such as TrueLark.

Book More Appointments & Increase Revenue

You can increase revenue by booking more appointments with new clients. Your virtual assistant instantly engages with them, automatically schedules their first visit in an available time slot and syncs the information with your spa booking software.

You can set up the software to automatically schedule new appointments adjacent to others to avoid gaps in your day and block out times when you do not want to accept appointments.

Handle Schedule Changes Instantly

If clients need to cancel or reschedule appointments, the AI virtual front desk assistant does it automatically without human intervention. This can significantly reduce no-shows by making it simple for customers to reschedule. Your staff also spends less time playing “phone tag” with clients to reschedule appointments.

Improve Client Retention & Loyalty

Your AI system gets to know your customers. So it can automatically direct them to their favorite locations, provide lists of service offerings and pricing and even recommend add-ons or upsells. This ensures clients always know what you have to offer and helps you maximize revenue.

Free Up Staff Time

You can back up your front desk staff during peak periods or whenever they need a break. Let your virtual assistant handle routine appointments on autopilot to free up staff time. If someone has a question or problem that requires human intervention or requests a callback, you receive an instant notification.

Book Appointments After Hours

Your spa booking software just keeps on working and making you money. Your virtual assistant works 24/7 without ever taking a break. So, you can keep booking appointments even after you are closed for the day. And TrueLark never calls in sick or takes a vacation.

Book Appointments Across Multiple Channels

In today’s ultra-connected world, customers interact with businesses in various ways. They may call, text, use a Chatbot on your website or use social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram. However they choose to contact you, TrueLark helps you provide them with prompt, friendly service.

The right online booking software can handle your omnichannel contacts on a single platform, automate much of the process, and save you time and money.

Friendly, Human-Like Interactions

Today’s virtual assistants are sound and act more human-like by the day. They recognize human speech and text, provide friendly answers to common questions and help clients schedule and reschedule appointments. And you can customize the responses to fit your brand.

AI can even understand the sentiment of conversations, so you will know when customers are happy or unhappy so you can focus your attention on the most critical discussions.

Automated Follow-Ups

Sometimes customers contact you but do not take the next step. The right spa booking software can send timed follow-up messages that gently encourage them to complete the booking process or re-engage.

You can also automatically send information, specials, or offers to anyone who has opted-in to receive messages from you. This gives you an easy way to stay connected with your customers and keep your appointment calendar filled.

Grow Your Salon and Spa Business

With TrueLark’s powerful online booking software, you will:

  • Never miss another call
  • Book more appointments
  • Reduce no shows
  • Attract new clients
  • Save staff time

You can use our AI virtual assistant as a stand-alone option to book more appointments or integrate it with your MedSpa booking software or salon booking software.

TrueLark handles more than three million calls and books more than $24,000 worth of new appointments every day. Contact us to request a demo so we can help you grow your business.

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