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How to Hire for Your Wellness Franchise: Here’s Where to Focus Your Resources

August 26, 2021


Grappling with hiring challenges at your wellness franchise?

Hiring challenges? There might be a way to solve them, just not the way you think. As a franchise owner, the labor shortage has probably hit hard in recent times. From hiring the right practitioners to staffing the desks, there is today a severe shortage of skilled workers who can ensure business continuity for you.

However, everyday service businesses are opening up, including health and wellness outfits. People are more willing than ever before to step out and visit the salon or make that appointment they’ve been waiting over a year for.

For business owners, this presents a unique challenge because there is demand, but supply shortages might end up causing valuable customers to look elsewhere for the service they need.

And in business, a lost opportunity is costly beyond just the one appointment. People tend to be very loyal to their service providers, so business lost today is business lost for a long time to come. Bringing back a lost customer is often more expensive than retaining the customer in the first place.

In that very tricky context, where should you be hiring resources? How can you ensure that wellness franchise staffing shortages do not hit your business too hard?

We believe that the answer lies in hiring where you need to and outsourcing the rest to the right technology solutions, like Artificial Intelligence.

For a health and wellness business, the front office staff are an extremely valuable resource — they are the first point of interaction with your business. Their manner of communication, how they put customers at ease, how efficiently they handle customer queries- these attributes make the difference between a steady stream of happy customers or a large group of customers leaving your business for a better offering.

Automate what you can, hire for what you can’t

What would it look like to have TrueLark do the job of your wellness franchise front office staff?

For one, TrueLark’s automated communication platform can be set up to answer your customer’s queries in a seamless, organic manner. Scheduling appointments? Last-minute rescheduling? A request for a specific therapist? TrueLark can handle all these requests using a chatbot that replicates a good human interaction, only better.

Once set up, the platform can be customized to suit your changing needs over time. You will never have to miss out on another client call because the platform will handle that conversation for you. Apart from solving the immediate staff shortage issue, TrueLark can also help you standardize your messaging over time, ensuring that your Front Desk 2.0 is always staffed, even when you are away.

This solves one of your two hiring challenges, allowing you to focus entirely on hiring the skilled therapists and technicians who form the very core of your wellness franchise. Moreover, these professionals can now focus on their job instead of having to shuttle between the front desk and their clients. This way, your clients feel cared for and keep coming back to your business. Schedule a demo to get started.

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