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How to Book More Appointments No Matter What Booking Software You Use

June 20, 2022

If you use Mindbody wellness software, Boulevard salon software or another solution in your salon, TrueLark can help you supercharge appointment booking and marketing. By integrating the TrueLark AI-led customer experience platform with your existing software, you get best-of-breed performance to maximize the value of your clients and attract new customers.

With TrueLark, you will never miss a call, chat, text or social media lead at your salon or spa. The AI instantly responds to inquiries and automatically answers customers’ questions. It books and reschedules appointments in open spots, sends customized recommendations to customers and upsells additional products and services to help you maximize revenue opportunities.

Integrates With Your MedSpa and Salon Booking Software

TrueLark easily integrates with your favorite booking platform so you can run your entire salon business efficiently. Here is a shortlist of some of the more popular applications that we work with:

TrueLark also integrates with popular marketing automation software, including:

We are constantly adding new integrations based on demand. Let us know if there is a platform not listed here that you would like to see.

Integrates Across Channels for Seamless Interactions

It is easy to integrate TrueLark across your different customer channels. It turbocharges your existing customer and prospect communications.

You can quickly add a virtual assistant to your web page with an AI chatbot to automatically answer questions and book appointments. Webchat blends seamlessly into your site and mirrors the look and feel of your brand.

TrueLark also works with your contact center software or phone system to recognize unanswered calls and reaches out automatically via text. You can also use the contact us call-to-action button on your social platform to manage all your social media conversations instead of monitoring multiple channels. For example, your virtual front desk assistant supports Facebook messages with minimal effort, and you can also connect TrueLark to your Instagram account.

You get automated appointment booking via text. This is rapidly becoming the channel of choice for customers to book appointments. In fact, nearly 93% of consumers say they prefer to text with businesses. This can give you a significant competitive advantage because two-thirds of consumers say that less than a third of companies answer texts.

With TrueLark, you ensure that customers get a fast response, so you never miss a call, text, chat, or lead submission at your salon or spa, no matter when or how clients and new customers contact you.

Your Communications Hub: The Benefits of TrueLark’s AI Led Software

Booking appointments can be challenging and time-consuming. Playing phone tag, texting back and forth, and finding a convenient time for you and your clients ties up valuable staff time. AI appointment setting happens automatically and eliminates much of the manual burden so your team members can focus on customers that are in front of them.

One of the most significant benefits of AI is its ability to learn. It remembers prior conversations with clients and connects them with subsequent requests. For example, if you operate multiple locations, it can remember the location your client prefers, provide a list of available services along with accurate prices, and book or reschedule an appointment in time slots available in that location.

You can customize how appointments are booked, too. For example, you can block out times when you do not want to take appointments or let AI auto-schedule appointments close together to avoid gaps in your day.

With a seamless end-to-end process that augments your existing software platform, you get a complete solution to run your salon business efficiently so you can maximize revenue.

Book More Appointments, Generate More Revenue

If your staff is sitting around waiting for people to show up, you are losing money. With TrueLark, you will get more appointments and increase your revenue. You will also reduce no-shows by making it easy for customers to change or reschedule appointments.

Our customers see an average of $13,000 in additional revenue booked and realize a 20:1 return on investment (ROI). The AI front desk assistant also reduces the administrative burden on your staff because it can completely handle 82% of calls.

Do you want to learn how TrueLark can work with Mindbody or Boulevard software or another booking solution to help you book more appointments? Contact us to book a demo.


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