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Our Story

An Online Booking Link for Missed Dental Patient Calls Isn’t Enough

March 22, 2024


What we’ve learned from over one million patient conversations

Is your dental practice or DSO simply texting an online booking link in response to missed patient calls? If so, you’re missing out on revenue. While online booking platforms are useful tools, relying solely on them misses what patients really want – a convenient, personalized experience that allows them to book on their terms.

At TrueLark, our conversational AI has handled over one million patient conversations. Our first-hand data shows that when patients call your office but don’t get through, simply sending an online booking link gets you nowhere fast.

Over 9 Out of 10 Patients Book in the Text

Of the total number of patients that book after the practice answers their missed call with a text, only 6.5% click on the link to the booking platform and book online. A staggering 93.5% book directly in the SMS text conversation.

The patient called the practice for a reason

Think about it. Why did the patient pick up the phone and dial the practice? If they wanted to book on the practice’s website, they could have gone there first. Perhaps they have had negative experiences with online booking platforms. Perhaps they need questions answered before making an appointment. In many cases, when a person is using a mobile phone, it’s simply easier to dial a business than look up their website in a browser.

Why do patients overwhelmingly favor SMS booking over being redirected to an online platform?

The reasons are clear:

  • Patients don’t need to leave the channel
  • It takes fewer clicks and taps
  • It’s optimized for mobile devices

Dental booking via SMS conversation requires fewer steps than an online portal, making it quicker and easier, especially on mobile devices that patients use most.

Patients have questions

Patients want the ability to ask follow-up questions, get clarification on pricing or insurance, and have a personalized booking experience – just like speaking with your front desk staff. Conversational AI trained on dental patient conversations is friendly, fast and knowledgable. A full-service AI provider like TrueLark customizes the chatbot with loads of information about your practice. This includes details about services, providers, dental insurance carriers, financing options and booking policies.

Meet patients where they are

People prefer texting when it comes to service businesses like dental practices. An SMS conversation meets them on their preferred platform. Automated appointment scheduling is great for patients who visit your website, but inadequate for those who call your practice.

The benefits of AI in booking

For dental practices looking to maximize new patient acquisition and production, dismissing the 93.5% of patients who want to book via SMS conversation is a missed opportunity. It’s like letting over 9 out of 10 callers go straight to voicemail.

AI missed call response

A virtual receptionist or AI booking platform like TrueLark’s conversational AI allows you to engage missed callers in a human-like text dialogue. Patients can book an appointment, ask questions, and get the same level of service as if they spoke with your front desk team – available 24/7 without increasing staff costs.

Multi-channel booking ensure that no patient is left behind

Should you get rid of your online booking platform? Of course not. Some patients use it to make their appointments. Give your patients options. That way, you’re not leaving revenue and new patients on the table.

AI in dentistry

An AI dental chatbot like TrueLark is the key to delivering an exceptional patient experience at scale while reducing missed opportunities. An online booking link alone simply doesn’t cut it in today’s environment.

To see how TrueLark book-by-text works, schedule a demo today.

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