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Our Story

5 Reasons Dental Marketing Agencies Should Offer AI

May 23, 2023

Today’s post is for dental marketing agencies. With the rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI), dental businesses are seeking AI-powered solutions to streamline their patient communications. Let’s explore why dental marketing agencies should consider partnering with a generative AI provider.

1. Maximize and Demonstrate Your Value Proposition

By teaming up with an AI solution like TrueLark, dental marketing agencies can strengthen their value proposition. AI tools empower dental practices to automate bookings and conversations with patients, ensuring prompt and personalized responses. This not only accelerates response times but also elevates the overall patient experience, leading to increased satisfaction and retention.

In addition, an AI solution that tracks automation metrics helps demonstrate the agency’s effectiveness. For example, TrueLark tracks:

  • Call Handle Rate – Conversations which required no human interaction to achieve the patient’s goal (such as book or reschedule an appointment, get an answer to a question, or learn about the practice and services)
  • Booking Conversion Rate – The number of automated inbound conversations (through SMS or web chat) that resulted in an appointment
  • Lead Conversion Rate – Number of digital leads that booked a first-time appointment in response to an automated outbound SMS nurture (this differs from the previous metric in the fact that the software sent an automated text in response to a form fill instead of the patient initiating the text conversation)
  • Added Revenue – Additional revenue gained through automated bookings
  • Hours Saved – Time the automation saved for front desk or call center teams

2. Leverage Integrated Solutions

One of the advantages for dental marketing agencies to align with an AI provider is to maximize the value of their existing customer base. By providing software integrated with a conversational AI communications platform, agencies can equip their clients with powerful  tools. This enables effective and efficient patient engagement, fostering loyalty and retention.

3. Gain a Competitive Edge

Studies have shown that SaaS companies offering API-connected add-ons experienced a significant reduction in the sales cycle, with up to a 20-day decrease. By offering the robust communication capabilities of TrueLark, marketing agencies can equip their sales teams with a distinct advantage, closing deals faster and driving revenue growth.

4. Improve Client Retention

Software integration has proven to be a game changer, with SaaS companies witnessing a reduction in customer churn and increase in utilization. Customers are more inclined to remain loyal to a provider that offers a comprehensive solution tailored to their needs. By providing AI tools, marketing agencies can enhance the stickiness of their software, helping to ensure long-term customer loyalty.

And with the previously-mentioned reporting capabilities, your clients are continually reminded of what you’re doing for their business – it’s right there in the dashboard where they handle patient conversations!

5. Tap into Unmatched Expertise

TrueLark is a pioneer in AI. We offer a wealth of expertise for our solutions. By leveraging the power of our AI engine trained on millions of dental patient conversations, marketing agencies can help their clients deliver exceptional service, optimize their operations, convert prospects to patients and drive revenue growth.

Learn how we helped a fast-growing DSO modernize communications for multiple practices and a call center in our case study: The Smilist.

TrueLark Empowers Dental Marketing Agencies

Partnering with TrueLark can revolutionize your agency’s offerings. And it takes little effort on your part. By incorporating AI communications into your solutions, you can unlock the full potential of your customer base, gain a competitive edge in sales, enhance retention, and provide access to the dental industry’s most experienced AI assistant.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is no longer a futuristic concept, it is now a reality that is transforming the business landscape. The rise of AI has sparked a surge in demand for software that incorporates conversational AI capabilities. Dental marketing agencies can leverage this growing trend by offering software integrations with solutions like TrueLark.

If you’re a dental marketing agency seeking differentiation and added value for your clients, teaming up with TrueLark could be the transformative solution you’ve been searching for.

Want to get started? Contact 805-904-4717 or schedule a TrueLark demo.



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