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How to Book More Salon Appointments and Revenue with TrueLark

August 1, 2022

Managing a successful salon is a delicate balancing act that involves providing an outstanding customer experience to retain your existing clients while also spending the time and money necessary to bring in new customers. It is not a matter of doing one or the other. To grow your business and increase revenue, you need to do both well.

Don’t let your leads go cold. A missed lead is a missed opportunity. It is important that you follow up on every lead and respond to every customer inquiry promptly to maximize each opportunity.

We understand that there are times when no one is available to answer the phone or respond to an email or text. Your staff may be busy assisting clients, or a call may come in after hours. When your salon is busy, it can be hours or even days before someone has the time to respond.

However, in today’s consumer-driven market, the law of immediacy is critical when new clients reach out. Your clients want answers now. If you aren’t able to reply to questions fast enough, customers are likely to switch to a competitor who can. Fortunately, TrueLark has developed a tool for businesses like yours to nurture leads, keeping them as warm as possible.

Never Miss a Call, Text, Chat, or Lead Again

TrueLark integrates with your salon management software and is an automated scheduling and communications hub that can handle all of your customer communications, questions, and bookings 24/7. With TrueLark’s salon software, you can give your customers the attention they need, when they need it.

Whenever customers contact you, TrueLark’s powerful AI solution will immediately follow up on missed calls and incoming leads. This customizable, user-friendly AI customer support tool can interact with clients as they would with a staff member, allowing you to attract new clients and retain existing ones.  TrueLark can text customers and respond to their inquiries so you don’t have to. A friendly, warm virtual agent is available at all hours of the day to answer their questions, book their appointments, and even suggest upsells to help maximize your revenue.

Regardless of when customers reach out, TrueLark can help you ensure your clients always have access to the information they need and the ability to book appointments at a time that is most convenient for them. You will never miss a call, text, chat, or lead submission again with TrueLark’s beauty salon software.

Improve the Customer Experience

Eighty percent of consumers claim speed, convenience, and knowledgeable help are what create a positive customer experience. Customers have become accustomed to receiving instant answers to their questions. With more than 40% of all booking requests occurring outside of normal business hours, you must be able to engage with clients after hours.

If you are unable to address customer needs on their time, they will find a competitor who can. TrueLark enhances your customers’ experiences by giving them the flexibility to not only book online but also reschedule and cancel appointments from any connected device. TrueLark can also integrate with your booking platform to ensure these changes sync with your appointment book in real time.

TrueLark goes beyond the typical salon booking software. TrueLark provides omnichannel support across multiple platforms, as well as automated follow-up for clients and sentiment alerts, so you know if clients are happy or unhappy with your services. TrueLark is also a proactive marketing and communication tool that lets you send promotional messages to those contacts who have opted in.

Connecting with Text

TrueLark captures customer contact information whether it comes from a phone call, web chat, text, or lead generation form. Then, TrueLark reaches out to the customer using text messaging, as text messaging has grown significantly popular over the past few years. In one study, 93% of consumers said they prefer to use text messaging when communicating with businesses.

The same study revealed that less than one-third of businesses are capable of texting their customers. The ability to engage your customers through text messaging can be a significant competitive advantage. TrueLark’s salon software eliminates the challenge of staying on top of text communications by automating your text interactions with clients and customers.

Book More Appointments and Revenue with TrueLark

TrueLark works as stand-alone beauty salon software that enhances the customer experience, provides instant engagement to customer inquiries, and books more appointments. TrueLark’s AI solution can integrate with the most popular salon management software or booking platforms and reduce the administrative burden by handling as much as 82% of all calls without human intervention.

TrueLark customers have told us they experience as high as a 20:1 ROI on their investment and recoup annual costs quickly. This would not be possible without the help of TrueLark’s automated scheduling and communications tool.

At TrueLark, we believe in automating what you can, so you can focus on other areas of your business. Book a demo to learn more.


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