Retain your Staff with this 4-Day Staff Training Program Template

Your Front Desk provides clients with their first impression of the business, they keep the ship sailing smoothly, they sell memberships, book appointments and so much more. Making sure your newest team members get the best training is critical. There is so much to think about and training your newest staff members is a job in itself. You will spend hours training staff and turnover will happen. But with proper training, benefits, and hiring the right people. You can benefit from the powers of a well oiled front desk staff team.

We’ve gather experiences and knowledge from local business owners and learning development professionals to develop a free guide to provide a 4-day training program template. The guide includes:

  • Learning process demystified
  • 6 ways people learn
  • How AI learns
  • Extensive 4-day training plan
  • AI training checklist
  • Tips and best practices