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Omnichannel Customer Service

Expand Your Reach

Prospects and existing customers prefer to communicate with you in a variety of different ways – via phone, text message, Instagram, Facebook, web chat, etc. TrueLark allows you to manage communications across all these channels and from one smart inbox.

Al-powered messaging on your website.

Manage conversations in one place.

Text-based responses for everyday questions.

Turned missed calls into opportunities.

Understand the sentiment of each conversation.

Follow up with clients, even if they get distracted.

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With TrueLark customers on average see


additional revenue booked




calls handled fully


Bring Al-powered messaging to your website

Our Web Chat tool brings Al-powered messaging to your website. The branded Web Chat feature overlays on your website capturing FAQS and booking requests from visitors on your site. Web Chat with the look and feel of your brand blends effortlessly with your web design. Easy to install. You can have a business assistant managing your sites within minutes of deployment.


Manage all your social media conversations in one place

Use the “Contact Us” CTA across your social platforms to manage conversations in one place. You can use your Virtual Front Desk Assistant to support Facebook messages with almost no effort from you and your team. Add your TrueLark text-only number to your Instagram account, making it easier for potential customers who discover you on Instagram to engage with you.


Text-based responses for everyday questions

89% of consumers want to be able to text businesses. Use TrueLark to contact your clients or have them contact you to ask questions, book services, or receive recommendations.

missed calls

Turn missed calls into opportunities

TrueLark turns missed communication via phone into opportunities. Instant responses that allow clients to initiate and drive the conversation by asking “How can I help you?”.

Our success stories

Beauty & Wellness


Conversations Handled Per Month




Enrollment Request Conversions

StretchSPOT appreciates the seamless communication and efficient booking experience TrueLark provides. With satisfied clients, easy management, and a user-friendly interface, TrueLark has become an integral part of StretchSPOT’s operations.

Beauty & Wellness


increase in revenue in 9 month


in savings per month


handled inquires in 6 months

“TrueLark is an extremely efficient assistant – improving client happiness, increasing revenues and decreasing therapist workloads.  While the assistant might be artificial intelligence, there’s nothing artificial about the positive impact on our business.”

Beauty & Wellness


increase in revenue/month


new incremental revenue



“Customer experience is everything and we simply will not compromise it. TrueLark has been so popular that several of our customers now bypass calling us all together and simply text us to schedule their appointments.”

client sentiment alerts

Understand the sentiment of each conversation

Understand the sentiment of each conversation to allow your staff to focus on the most pressing conversations first. Displaying “happy” or “unhappy” with each client interaction.

conversation nudge

Follow up with clients, even if they get distracted

TrueLark follows up with clients, even if they get distracted by sending a follow-up message if the client goes quiet, preventing your clients from getting “stuck”. The timed follow-ups gently encourage clients to finish the booking process or to provide missing payment information. Increasing conversions and revenue.

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