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Why Sage Wellness chose TrueLark to make booking easier

May 16, 2019

When clients in Portland need to find balance and help to heal, they turn to Sage Wellness.  The company offers therapeutic bodywork appointments, classes and products, PLUS the promise of a break from the physical and emotional stressors of life. Sage Wellness strives hard to deliver on this promise in every interaction with clients.  It is this level of service quality and commitment that nominated the wellness provider for Best Massage in Portland.

It is also why Sage Wellness looked to TrueLark to make the process of scheduling or re-scheduling appointments a refreshing breeze, and to help answer existing and potential new client enquiries with ease, speed and the utmost professionalism – anywhere and anytime – all without the need for a receptionist.  With 15 therapists and a multitude of classes and services, it sounds like a tall order.  Not for TrueLark AI-assistant Sasha who is always available, can resolve most every type of question, never takes a break, and learns with every interaction.

“TrueLark is an extremely efficient assistant – improving client happiness, increasing revenues and decreasing therapist workloads.  While the assistant might be artificial intelligence, there’s nothing artificial about the positive impact on our business.”
Kate Somerville, LMT, Assistant Manager, Sage Wellness

Happy Clients: In the first six months of using TrueLark, the service resolved over 1,700 incoming enquiries, booked 170 appointments, eliminated the need for annoying voicemails and telephone tag – leaving customers happy and fulfilled

Happy Therapists: Therapists focus 100% on what they love – taking care of clients while TrueLark takes care of client enquiries, appointment and rescheduling needs. Because TrueLark integrates seamlessly with the Sage Wellness MINDBODY software booking platform, every therapist has easy access and insight into appointments and scheduling.

Happy Business: Talk about paying it forward.  By putting clients first and making their every interaction easy and stress free, TrueLark has helped Sage Wellness increase revenues by roughly $40,000 over the last nine months and decreased overheads by eliminating inefficiencies and unnecessary call center services by $400 a month.

Curious about how TrueLark can help your small business? Drop us a line!


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