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Our Story

Why Lead Engage Wins Over Alternatives

September 28, 2021

Franchisors or franchisees will spend anywhere from $200 to $4,000 a month to drum up some new business. Of course, generating demand comes at a cost, but it is inevitable. What is avoidable, though, is too much expenditure around follow-up and conversions if you have AI working for you. Intrigued?

Typically, a business attempts to collect a prospect’s contact information through a form, webchat, or call to a phone number displayed on the website. One of the most common ways to collect leads is via such a lead capture form on the website or a social media platform. Additionally, a business will receive a data dump of sign-up info, including email addresses, at the back end.

Once this contact information is collected, business development or sales managers will give the leads a call or text over a 2–4-week cadence. There is a lot of variability in when they will follow up, whether in a couple of hours or a few days later. This rolls into inconsistent conversion and a low conversion rate if you average it out over all leads. Besides, the follow-up can get expensive quickly as multiple attempts might need to be made to connect with a specific lead.

The law of immediacy is critical when new clients reach out. Customer attention drops off quickly, and they are more likely to visit a competitor with every minute that goes by waiting for a reply.

AI, however, will do this instantaneously, thanking the prospect for their interest and asking when they would like to schedule their first appointment, service, or demo class.

Customer insights led us to build a feature called Lead Engage, which revamps the conversion process. Lead Engage contacts prospective clients instantaneously via text when they submit a marketing form, helping them to schedule a service or consultation, in other words, striking while the iron is still hot. Lead Engage can also answer standard questions about locations, staff, services, timings, appointments, etc.

Lead Engage addresses some of the biggest conversion challenges for a business: one, every lead gets followed up, and two, ensure it happens instantaneously. The cumulative effect is immediate lead conversion and 100% follow-up.

The other advantage with Lead Engage is consistency in providing service across all your business or franchise locations. Multi-location businesses face the challenge of delivering a consistent experience across every single location and juggling new clients reaching out across various channels simultaneously. With AI technology, your “secret sauce” is now scalable.

It is difficult for human staff to ensure quick response times for leads generally and consistently. Setting up a call center can lead to such high costs of conversion as to render it impractical. But AI can be set up at a fraction of the cost and yield a high turnover. Lead Engage has seen tremendous adoption, and omnichannel follow-up is on the cards.

Respond and engage using TrueLark immediately to ensure your customers get what they want when they want it.

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