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TrueLark For Dental Clinics: The Differentiator

October 20, 2021

TrueLark is the perfect solution for a growing dental practice such as yours.

The TrueLark for Dental solution can handle the most common use cases where people interact with dental practices, i.e., appointment scheduling, rescheduling, and information requests. To this is added a layer of features that truly serve a dental practice.

Dental clinics these days heavily rely on PMS, a.k.a. Practice Management Software. Every clinic looks for three key value-additions – customization, consistency, and comprehensiveness. Customization built from a deep understanding of the dental practice workflow ensures the software isn’t built with general healthcare settings. Being consistent and always on across communication channels is critical. A comprehensive tool connects all pieces – front office, clinical side, staff communication, digital charts, etc. The PMS allows a dental office to:

  • Define schedules for staff and services
  • Keep an up-to-date calendar
  • Maintain medical or dental charting
  • Catalog data around procedures

For every dental clinic, access to insurance-related information, particularly what services are included in the network, is essential. Dental insurance information is potentially stored in the PMS, but it needs to be available through the API. Currently, this option is not available due to some hesitancy around making information available all around, a hesitancy that is less regulatory in nature and more centered around commercial objectives. Thus, at present, information is collected manually through the practice, not through the PMS. TrueLark, however, captures network-related information as well.

TrueLark’s omnichannel targeting strategies accelerate growth for your dental practice

20% of dental offices are not using PMSs, but are interested in growing their practice. TrueLark is an excellent fit for dental practices with a growth mindset. We mean the type to:

  • Use dental marketing agencies to draw in new patients
  • Keep schedules open longer to accommodate professionals who work long hours
  • Are interested in growing their operations and locations

TrueLark for Dental engages patients across channels. Where LeadEngage is reactive or user-driven, TrueLark for Dental is more proactive and system-driven.

TrueLark for Beauty & Wellness responds to missed calls, queries on social media and on the business website, in addition to running outreach marketing campaigns. TrueLark for Dental does all this and has an online booking feature to boot. And that’s not the only value proposition. It can pay off in multiple ways:

  • Seamless scheduling of new patients alongside existing ones
  • Increasing the amount of revenue for the practice
  • Reducing the amount of workload for the dental practice front desk, allowing staff to focus on other issues

The omnichannel engagement and booking features make the practice more accessible to both new and existing patients. In addition, the outreach feature supports the objectives for marketing and engagement-driven outcomes, such as informing patients about news from the practice or sending them reminders.

TrueLark for Dental enhances the patient experience greatly, resulting in word-of-mouth publicity and savings on marketing dollars. Interested in learning more? Schedule a demo.


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